Micro, Macro, and Nano Lot Coffees

unprocessed coffee beans

Coffee is not just another breakfast beverage; it is an experience. Coffee has gained a worldwide following and because of that, innovations and inventions continue to take place.

Lot coffees are some of the inventions that make coffee a favorite in various households around the globe. Below is a better explanation of the three major types of lot coffees. Just in case you’re looking for the best Ethiopian coffee pots, check them out here.

#1. Micro-Lot Coffee

In order to understand the other types of lot coffees, one must know what a micro-lot is. A good analogy that can make it easy to understand is that of a classroom.

In every class, there are always three types of students: the exceptional, the average, and the struggling. On a coffee plantation, this is also the case.

The micro-lot can be referred to as the genius lot of the coffee garden. It consists of the best coffee beans, which are not only bigger, brighter, and healthier, but also have a different and distinctive flavor.

Micro-lot coffees have a lot to do with particular weather conditions, climatic factors, and even geographical reasons, such as altitude and soil profiles. The beans may come from one special coffee bush, or separate points of a plantation.

#2. Nano-Lot Coffee

In the genius club, it is common that one or two individuals will exceed the set expectations. That is what nano-lot coffee does. They are the best of the best.

While micro-lot coffee gets 85+ points, nano-lot scores up to 92+ points per cup. This is a very high score, compared to regular coffee brews and blends.

Nano-lot coffee is as rare as its abilities. Its production location and amount varies from one year to another.

#3. Macro-Lot Coffee

Otherwise known as community coffee, macro-coffee refers to coffee beans collected from a plantation or many farms, but in the same location.

These beans are harvested because of their specific flavor. For example, if certain coffee beans give a floral, acidic or deep taste, then they will be collected and made into a special coffee brand.

Just like micro-lot coffee, macro-lot coffee may also have irregular production locations. However, in case one farm does not have the flavor required, then the growers will try incorporating a different farm, but in the same area.

How Are Lot Coffees Better Than Regular Coffees?

For starters, lot coffees have been selected because of their high quality. They are automatically better in taste and aroma than regular coffee. They, therefore, have a more loyal customer base, since their distinct taste cannot be supplemented.

Lot coffee also has a high monetary value. The growers and traders benefit highly from growing this typical type of coffee.

Micro-lot coffee, for example, goes for up to 3 times the amount of regular coffee. It is an excellent contributor to a country’s economy.


Lot coffee grows on the same farms and plants as regular coffee beans. They do well in their growth and general life. The three types of lot coffee are all exemplary sorts, and have become a favorite for both growers and consumers.