Monkey Spit Coffee Guide – Rare & Delicious Or Dangerous For Your Health?

Monkey spit coffee, sometimes called monkey coffee or monkey parchment coffee, is an extremely rare coffee bean type from Taiwan and India. However, the term ‘monkey spit coffee’ suits them appropriately, because the Formosan rock macaques and rhesus monkeys help in the processing stage.

These monkeys do not ingest the beans, but rather chew and spit them out. People can then collect them from the ground. Although only a handful of people get to consume money spit coffee, it supposedly has a sweet and complex taste.

It is quite difficult to find monkey coffee, since it is a specialty coffee. You will also end up spending a fortune to acquire this coffee.

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Uses For Monkey Coffee

Due to its expensive price, it isn’t practical to have monkey spit coffee regularly. Most people tend to save this special type of coffee for an important occasion.

You can serve this drink during dinner parties, weddings, and family visits. Alternatively, why don’t you share this awesome coffee drink on a lovely afternoon with a few coffee-loving friends?

The Best Way To Drink Monkey Spit Coffee

Due to its rarity and high price, you should not include any additives in your drink. It would be better if you served your monkey spit coffee without sugar, milk, or creamer. The best way to enjoy a cup of monkey coffee is to serve it black, and simply savor every sip.

Do not use a drip coffee machine to brew this type of coffee. Your best alternative is a French press or pour-over brewer, which will give you a more authentic taste. You need to get a rich cup, especially because you will  have spent a fortune on these prized beans.

Buying And Storing Monkey Coffee

The production of monkey spit coffee relies on monkeys and other environmental factors. Most farmers end up with less than a hundred pounds every year. Considering that many farmers don’t specialize in this type of coffee, the price is bound to stay quite high.

You will need to spend about $10 for each brewed cup and hundreds of dollars for every pound. As stated earlier, monkey spit coffee is rare and hard to find. Most of the specialty coffee roasters will either sell through those high-end dealerships, or directly on their website.

You have to store this type of coffee appropriately to preserve its freshness. Like most food commodities, keep your batch in a dark, cool, and dry location.

Place the beans in an airtight container before storage. Cabinets and pantries are good storage locations for your monkey coffee.

Humidity and moisture will quickly deteriorate the beans. Although you might get tempted, never store your monkey coffee in the freezer or refrigerator.

Monkey spit coffee has a rich taste that is worth every penny you spend on the purchase. You will brew an excellent cup of coffee that is too good to enjoy alone. Ensure that you have friends or family over before brewing this coffee.