Novo Coffee – Denver CO

Novo Coffee

Novo Coffee is a coffee shop and roasting business located in Denver, Colorado. It was founded in 2002 by Herb Brodsky and two of his sons, Jacob and Joseph. The family’s origins in the coffee industry dates back quite a ways, but translated well when Novo was established in Colorado, as it has become one of the more renown businesses of the area.

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Family Owned Coffee Shop

Currently, Novo supports four separate cafe locations, and one roastery. Novo is a family-oriented business not just in that a family founded it, but by how it treats both its staff and customers.

They Have Strong Ties With the Community

Herb’s expertise lies in connections, and so not only does Novo present a fun atmosphere that is host to events and products of other local businesses, but they will teach any willing participant the ins-and-outs of coffee.

They Enjoy Teaching All things Coffee

Novo hosts classes on just about every coffee topic: drink craft, espresso, seed-to-cup classes, milk-steaming, and amidst these, tours of their roastery. Coffee is the core of Novo, and using their Vittoria roasting machines, they roast beans of only the highest quality.

Their connection-driven style can be seen in their personal sourcing from farms in Africa, Central and South America, and where most of their coffee comes from: Panama.

You Can Learn More From Their Website

Much like coffee processes, more can be learned about Novo’s sourcing on their website, but it can be tried by either ordering it, or brewed at their cafes. With black coffee, Novo specializes in pour-overs, in which they use both Chemex and Kalita Wave styles.

Try Their House-Made Syrups. Especially the Maple Bourbon!

When seeking more flavorful options, however, Novo is a standout with its house-made syrups. Flavors like maple bourbon, salted caramel, vanilla bean, and more can be added to standard espresso-based beverages such as mochas, lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, americanos, and cortados.

They Create Unique Beverages

Occasionally, Novo partners with other businesses to create unique beverages, such as the Orange Zest Mocha, which is made of orange peel and dark chocolate from Ritual Chocolate.

A more widely adapted form they practice this in is their available coffee beers and liqueurs, made in conjunction with local breweries and distilleries.

They Offer Vegan Pop Tarts and Other Delicious Pastries

Locally made pastries such as cupcakes, scones, and vegan pop-tarts fill out Novo’s menu, along with kombucha and teas, but all consumable offerings are consistently changing.

Now Serving 4 Locations

Novo is constantly seeking new roasts, flavors, and creations to add to its roster. Its four locations make Novo easily accessible within Denver, but it also provides its coffee to other local businesses and events.


1600 Glenarm Pl, 1700 E 6th Ave, 3617 W 32nd Ave, or 217 S Holly St, Denver, Colorado