Want Brazilian Coffees With A Nutty Taste? We’ve Got The Scoop!

As the world’s largest producer of coffee, Brazil has a reputation for impeccable agriculture. It is the principal base of the country’s economy and, despite increasingly turbulent climates, it manages to still provide 25% of all the coffee that’s consumed in the United States.

What makes South American coffee so special? More importantly, why can’t we get enough of these coffee beans from Brazil? Here is some more information on the beans and their taste profile, specifically nutty ones.

What Is The Flavor Profile of Brazilian Coffee?

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Coffee beans that are grown in Brazil are closest to what people think of as a ‘classic’ coffee flavor. They have a gentle nuttiness, with slightly bitter undertones. This delicate balance between light and heavy flavors is enhanced by the addition of chocolate and caramel notes.

Though similar to beans grown in Colombia and Ecuador, Brazilian coffee tastes sweeter and is less acidic. This is due to regional methods of washing and semi washing to create a clean cup and mellow acidity profile. Overall, Brazilian roasts are versatile and strong.

What Are The Nuttiest Coffee Varieties?

Here are some of the most popular coffee drinks in Brazil that are considered nutty coffees. These brands use coffee beans that are light, nutty, and even a little sweet.

#1. Café Pilao

For a true taste of Brazil, try Café Pilao. It is the country’s number one coffee brand, so you can expect something special. Café Pilao provides nutty, smooth tasting, and traditional flavors. Many call it the closest thing to an ‘authentic’ Brazilian coffee.

With its fermented fruit notes and strong body, it’s not the most delicate drink you’ll find here, but it is one of the most beloved.

#2. Brazil Santos

Brazil Santos got its name from the fact that the company ships from Santos Port. It is one of the priciest coffees in Brazil, and is considered a premium brand, as it’s made out of the highest quality beans.

Brazil Santos coffee is fruitier and slightly more acidic than, say, Café Pilao, but it comes with strong hints of cocoa and nuttiness that balance out its sharpness. Freshly roasted Brazil Santos is widely regarded as one of the best coffee drinking experiences anywhere in the world.

#3. Café Melitta

Café Melitta coffees are a little different from those produced by Brazil Santos and Café Pilao, as they are commercially produced. In other words, this brand is closer in nature to the mass manufactured ground coffee varieties popular in America.

With that being said, it’s still very popular here. The beans have a dark roasting degree, so they produce a robust and distinctive flavor profile. These beans give coffee drinkers a little bit of everything, with slightly fruity notes, a medium bitterness, a medium acidity, and a mild aroma.

Why Brazil Has Nutty Coffee Beans For Everyone

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There is no shortage of great coffee varieties to try in Brazil. These are just a few of the varieties that are popular with locals and coffee aficionados. In fact, this country produces so much fantastic coffee, that it’s easy to find flavor profiles to suit all palates.

Whether you’re a classic roast fan, love dark and intense flavors, or want a coffee that’s nutty and sweet, you’ll find what you love among Brazil’s beautiful beans.