Moka Pots Vs Other Coffee Makers

bialetti moka coffee pot

Most people prefer brewing their own coffee to get the kind of taste and texture they want in their morning cup of Joe. This is easy, considering that there are varieties of brewing machines on the market today.

However, although this is an advantage, we cannot forget the fact that it can get a bit overwhelming when choosing what brewing machine to work with.

With great brands like Moka Pot (named after Bialetti, its inventor!), espresso, drip, French Press and many others, selecting a suitable coffee brewing machine can pose some challenges to users.

Why Moka Pots?

The Moka Pot is among the first coffee brewing pots to be invented in the world. There is no doubt that some coffee brewers prefer using them over other pots.

This is due to the excellent features they have, such as providing rich, flavorful coffee. They are also easy to clean, and the price is affordable to many.

How Do Moka Pots Work?

Moka Pots work by passing boiling water, which is pressurized by steam, through grounded coffee. They are powered by either electricity, or stovetop burner.

Moka Vs. Other Coffee Brewers

Everyone who has worked with a coffee brewer before knows they have many choices for the best pot to use. Some may prefer Moka, while others may advise for espresso.

The following are differences that show where Moka Pots stand, when compared with other brewing methods.

Moka Pot Vs. French Press


Time is of the essence, and the last thing one needs is to take too much time making a cup of coffee. Well, when it comes to saving time while brewing your coffee with either a Moka Pot or French press, the Moka Pot takes the win.

Why? When preparing coffee with a Moka Pot, one is required to put the water in the pot to boil, before adding the grounded coffee beans.

The boiling period allows you to do other tasks, such as grinding your coffee, or preparing other ingredients to use in the brewing.

So, once the water boils, all you are required to do is add your coffee and wait for it to be ready. This experience is estimated to take about 10 minutes maximum.

On the other hand, if you want fresh coffee, the French Press method does not allow you to prepare the grounds ahead of time.

Everything has to be done on the go to ensure the ingredients are as fresh as possible. This may take up to 15 to 20 minutes.


The Moka coffee grind comes with a variety of settings, which allows the user to use even pre-ground coffee. Therefore, that ends up saving you time.

French press coffee brewers require you to invest in the best coffee grinder to ensure that you get coarse coffee beans at the end.

Ease Of Brew

Moka Pots don’t require too much time and effort to get rich and tasty coffee. All you need is to ensure you have well-grounded coffee beans, and control the time that the boiling water will run through the coffee to avoid getting bitter coffee results.

French Presses require one to invest in a good grinder to ensure that you get the best-coarse coffee beans for better results. This is because it’s not best to use pre-ground coffee beans.

Moka Pot Vs. Espresso Machine

Brewing Time

Moka Pots take less time to brew coffee, as opposed to espresso machines, which are quite complex. All you are required to do is put your Moka Pot on top of a stove for the water to boil.

With espresso machines, there are different apparatuses such as the motor, heating element, and electronics that all have to be utilized to brew the coffee.

The Cost

If you are looking for a coffee brewing machine that will give you great coffee without blowing your bank account, then the Moka Pot is the right one for you. It rates at a much lower price, as opposed to an espresso machine.

Ease Of Use

Moka Pots are known for making rich, thick coffee when done right; one must be cautious when brewing to ensure that you don’t over brew or under brew it.

On the other hand, the espresso machine is equipped with excellent and easy to control parts, which enable one to make the best coffee with less effort.

Moka Pot Vs. Drip

Moka Pots and drip brewing machines are pretty much almost the same, since the brewing method is done using the same tactics.

The only difference is spotted on the usage of boiling water. For the Moka Pot, pressurized steam from boiling water will be passed through ground coffee.

With the drip method, you have to pour the water into the holding tank; it will then heat the water and sprinkle it on top of the ground beans.


The Moka Pot is a reliable coffee brewing machine that is suitable for people who need to make creamy and excellent coffee within a short time.

The device is quite easy to clean, and does not require much time to make coffee, as opposed to other brewing methods.

The price is also relatively fair for the majority of people. Although you may need some skills when it comes to the control time in brewing, it is a great brewing device to start with.

Try out other brands as well, to see which ones suits you better, and brews the coffee you desire the most.