Other Coffees vs Kauai Coffee

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In the United States, only the states of California and Hawaii grow coffee. Coffee from Hawaii has gained popularity, thanks to the island’s climate and volcanic soil, which allows for different styles of coffee.

The different types of coffee from Hawaii include Kauai, Kona, Ka’u, Puna, Hamakua, Maui, Molokai, and Oahu. Rapidly gaining popularity is the Kauai coffee for its mild acidity.

While it is popular in Hawaii and gaining acceptance across the globe, it is facing competition from other countries for a similar market share.

Below is a summary of Kauai coffee, and other popular coffees from across the world, and what makes them unique.

Kauai Coffee

Grown and produced in Kauai, the coffee from Kauai Coffee Company is grown on coffee plantations that cover about 22,000 acres of land. The plantation was initially a sugarcane plantation.

The Kauai Coffee Company currently grows Kauai coffee, with five different arabica coffee beans. They have the largest coffee farm in the United States.

Kauai coffee comes with a mild acidity that makes it stand out, surpassing even Kona coffee, for some individuals. Other than the cultivation stage, this coffee is carefully processed to ensure a rich and aromatic cup. Enjoy the moderate floral aroma, and unique winey and spicy traits.

Brazilian Coffee

Brazil is practically the largest coffee producing country. They grow both arabica and robusta types of coffee, in equal measure.

Depending on the soil quality and climate, they have determined that the best type and variety of coffee will grow best in a certain region.

Key traits of a Brazilian cup of coffee include sweet, low acid and a medium body. They have a moderate floral aroma, with a fruity character.

Kenyan Coffee

Accepted across the globe, Kenyan coffee has gained popularity for its quality. The plantations cover the foothills of Mount Kenya, and after harvesting, they will carefully monitor and control the drying and processing procedures, with the aim of upholding on quality.

The beans will produce a fruity acidity and rich fragrance to create a great balance between its taste and aroma. Kenya produces one of the best full-body coffees in large scale. It is also one of the major producers from Africa.

Ivory Coast

The Ivory Coast produces coffee in large scale, and it has built a reputation for producing robusta coffee at its best. Many a time, you may have used their coffee in an espresso blend.

They are popular for espresso blends, because their coffee variety is suited for a darker roast. The robusta coffee beans have a strong aroma, with a rather light acidity.

Indonesian Coffee

Grown and produced on the Indonesian islands, the country has built a reputation for producing high-quality coffee. Some popular styles of coffee include Sulawesi, Sumatra, and Java. These are named after the islands in Indonesia.

These styles of coffee are popular for their rich, mild acidity and full body, to leave you with a tingling aroma and fulfilling taste.

The uniqueness of Indonesian coffee is thanks to its fine aged beans. They hold coffee over a period, allowing the beans to age gently. This method beats even modern technology in producing outstanding coffee.

The variance of these coffees comes in the type of coffee, its variations, and levels of acidity. However, they all produce outstanding coffee qualities, to provide coffee enthusiasts with a variety to satisfy their taste buds.

Kauai coffee is popular across the globe, with high-quality coffee. However, it faces competition from other countries producing high-quality coffee on a larger scale. Read our various other articles related to this delicious coffee to gain a deeper understanding of it.