Other Coffees vs Turkish Coffee!

enjoying turkish coffee with dessert

The Turkish people enjoy quite the beverage, Turkish coffee, and they seem to have spread their coffee culture to numerous Middle Eastern and European countries. The people of those countries excitedly think of this type of coffee as their own.

However, UNESCO lists it as an intangible Turkish cultural heritage. Literary, Turkish coffee is just a style of preparing coffee with cesve, and the name does not particularly represent a particular type of coffee beans.

Historians suggest that the style of beverage originated from Yemen, before it spread to Mecca, Cairo, and Syria. The major reason it spread in popularity is that the Ottoman Governor loved it, and spread it to Istanbul by sharing it with the Magnificent Sultan Suleiman.

How Is Turkish Coffee Different From Others?

How It Is Brewed

Turkish coffee is brewed by combining water and finely ground coffee beans. The mixture of the fine coffee powder and water can be sweetened with sugar at the first stage of brewing.

The second phase includes gradually heating the solution to make the frothy foam. It shouldn’t reach the boiling point at this stage. Do this with any small pot, and if you like to be very particular, then use the traditional cezve pot.

After making the frothy foam, Turkish coffee brewers proceed to serve the coffee in cups. They pour the brew, and the coffee beans inside of it, into the cups. The consumers have to wait for the coffee bean powder to settle to the bottom before consuming the liquid part.

Some people prefer to take their Turkish coffee unsweetened, although others infuse theirs with some sugar. Some other traditional coffee enthusiasts love to consume it by first spicing it with cardamom.

Caffeine Differences

Turkish coffee is very high in caffeine. Beverage experts explain that the high levels of caffeine result from leaving the coffee unfiltered.

Thanks to the high levels of caffeine in Turkish coffee, it offers several health benefits. This natural stimulant stands to increase the athletic performance of sportspeople, as well as boosting consumers’ general health.

For example, Turkish coffee contains high levels of chlorogenic acids that improve blood sugar and pressure levels.

The Taste

Turkish coffee appears to be very dark. In fact, some Turks always love to chant, “Your coffee should be black as hell, strong as death, and sweet as love.”

Turkish coffee can still surprise you, even if you know just how bittersweet and rejuvenating black coffee can be. But, do not worry; you might not have to tell them to reduce the amount of coffee bean powder in your cup.

The richness stays, but you can always choose your preferred level of rich sweetness. All you have to do is determine how much sugar you need to be boiled within your coffee.

Turkish coffee is often prepared with four different sweetness levels: no sugar, a little sugar, semi-sweetened, and sweetened.


Turkish coffee is a social beverage, because it is best consumed slowly in small sips. The thick, black drink doesn’t go well with big gulps, and that is why it is normally served in small cups. For the antisocial workaholics, this beverage is a great way to keep active during long overtime hours.