Ovation Coffee & Tea – Portland

Ovation Coffee & Tea

Ovation Coffee & Tea is owned by a Moroccan family who previously owned a restaurant. Ovation Coffee & Tea is an imposing building with a glass front that stretches up over two floors.

The ceiling in the coffee shop is very high, and this makes the place light and airy. The interior is very modern and has a corporate look to it. The whole area is spotlessly clean.

The cafe has a seating capacity of just 20, but much of the business is to go, so this is not a huge issue. There is also outdoor seating well away from the road. Have you checked out our recent article, Is coffee toxic to pets?

A Quant Cafe With A Moroccan Influence

However, the service and ambiance created by the owners is anything but corporate. A very talented baker prepares the food outback, and she always comes around after you have been served to make sure you are enjoying her food.

Serving Homemade Bread, Scones and Other Baked Goodies

Bread, scones, and bakery products are baked on the premises by the mother, apart from a few select sweets that are made by a local secret source. A mom, dad run the business, and two adult children, It is truly a family affair.

A Family Run Cafe That Always Serves A Warm Greeting

The family makes sure that you receive a warm greeting when you arrive, and it is clear that customer satisfaction is their primary concern, and they always check on you a couple of times during your stay to make sure everything is ok. They even know some of the dogs that call by, and there is water outside for them.

The Coffee and Food Menu Will Not Disappoint

They serve a unique roast Mexican blend of coffee, which is very pleasant to taste. But what this place specializes in are the many Moroccan spices that people love in their espresso coffee and teas.

They also serve some delicious Moroccan tea, which adds to the whole Moroccan themed experience. The tea is even served in Moroccan themed cups and pot.

They Have Gluten Free Options

Try the delicious sandwich, that comes with a nice side salad. Their breakfast sandwich and the scones are a hit with the morning commuters.

The owners are accommodating and will tweak your order, so it is just how you like it. Food and drink are all served at very reasonable prices, making it a great place to come. They also have gluten-free options.

There is Plenty of Parking and the Shop is Very Accessible

There is parking for your bike when you ride there, and there is on-street parking for motor vehicles. The Coffee shop is very close to Fields Park, so its a great place to stop for a coffee before walking in the park. The wifi is complimentary, and it is an excellent place to get a little work done.

What are you seeking in a coffee shop? You want a great cup of coffee, and I have never heard anyone complain about the coffee at Ovation.

You also want a place that serves memorable food, food that you will want to come back for time and time again. But very important to is the general ambiance and how welcome you feel.

The family that owns this coffee shop knows just how to make you feel welcome. It’s the complete package. I recommend it.


941 NW Overton Street Portland, OR 97209