Pablo’s Coffee 6th Avenue – Denver CO

Pablo’s Coffee is a coffee shop located in Denver, Colorado. It was established almost twenty-five years ago, in 1995, by Craig Conner. The process was one that involved him leaving his job and falling into severe credit-card debt, but he stuck to his vision the entire time.

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They’ve Been Serving Coffee for 25 Years!

Pablo’s is named after the well-known artist, Picasso. This was sheerly out of fandom, but art flows into the roasts of Pablo’s as well. Working with importers that source beans from all over the world, Pablo’s acquires only green, sustainably harvested beans.

They Do Not Use Mass Produced Beans

The sort of mass-produced beans made for the likes of chain stores are forbidden at Pablo’s. They ensure that their importers work closely with the various farmers to obtain beans of the highest quality.

Pablo’s Offer Coffee Subscriptions Online

Within the process that beans go through, Pablo’s places the green nature and harvesting of the beans in the top spot of importance. This is not to say, however, that Pablo’s doesn’t care about roasting.

In fact, they work with roasting so thoroughly that they consistently have somewhere between fifteen to twenty different roasts available. These are able to be purchased in store, in bags or brewed, but also online through wholesale or through Pablo’s subscription service.

The Danger Monkey is The Most Popular Roast

The most popular of the roasts is the “Danger Monkey,” which features an earthy, full flavor. The mood set by the name of this roast extends to the aesthetic of at least one of Pablo’s locations too. Each of the three spots is entirely different from the next. The aforementioned Danger Monkey can be found as an artistic piece, painted on the exterior of the Capitol Hill location.

All 3 Locations Have Different Decor

The interior of this cafe is colorful and laid back. It has a black and white checkered ceiling, a window-wall with an exotic red pattern, a fancy chandelier, and an ordering-counter made of reclaimed wood.

The City Park location mixes things up even more, with a darker, steampunk theme, where there are metal attributes and framed illustrations of steampunk items and characters.

The location that fits in most with other modern coffee shops can be found in the East Colfax area. Sleeker in design, this coffee shop not only has cement floors, off-white walls, and a wall that is entirely made-up of windows, it is the home of Pablo’s roasting operations.

The Menus Are All the Same

The roasting and cupping can be viewed by any customers in attendance, and the processes taught to wholesale partners and other interested parties. No matter which location you visit though, the products will be the same.

A modest menu of espressos, americanos, macchiatos, cappuccinos, mochas, lattes, Vietnamese coffee, cold brew, and cafe au laits make up the crafted coffee options, but the drip coffee of their many roasts are the most prominent offerings.

A handful of other beverages, such as hot chocolate, tea, italian sodas, and coffee shakes are on-hand, and the cafe’s offerings are completed by an assortment of gourmet bagels and breakfast burritos.

Pablo’s notes that the industry has changed in its time, now focusing more on the quality of the beans, rather than more aesthetic factors, but Pablo’s Coffee has been doing so the entire time.


1300 Pennsylvania St. #102, 630 E 6th Ave, or 7701 E Colfax Ave, Denver Colorado