Render Coffee – Boston

Render coffee

With two locations, Boston-based Render Coffee is a locally owned and operated coffeehouse with a sincere commitment to simple, well-prepared food and superb coffee.

The original location in the family-friendly, culturally rich South End neighborhood of Boston with its red-brick row houses, and vibrant dining scene launched in 2011.

Building on the momentum of the first shop, owner Chris Dadey added a second location in 2016, housed in a co-working space downtown operated by the Cambridge Innovation Center. 

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Render sources their premium beans from two artisan roasters

‘Gracenote’ who also operates out of Boston, and a Portland-based roaster called ‘Tandem.’ Render is self-described as cozy and committed to quality, but local magazines find it equally hip, modern, and relaxing, not to mention online reviews are especially enthusiastic about the friendly customer service and the sense that everyone belongs.

Render’s coffee philosophy is simple and true to the art of coffee. They are a coffeehouse for coffee lovers and purists devoted to espresso drinks and pour-overs.

Arguably the best pour-overs in Boston

While you can certainly order a hazelnut latte or a mocha, the most popular items are the classics, like an eye-opening, pulse-quickening double espresso, a flavor-forward americano, or a frothy cappuccino.

However, they are most famous for their pour-overs, which follow a house-developed recipe for eliciting complex and layered flavors served at just the right temperature.

There is truly something for everyone

Who proudly lists items for kids on the menu just below the more adult hot chocolate selection. Tea enthusiasts can choose from loose-leaf brewed tea or a chai latte to warm them on a windy day, or iced tea to quench their thirst. For those feeling just a bit more adventurous, there’s also a malted cold brew on the Render Coffee menu that may be just the ticket. 

Grab some fresh air while noshing on highly recommended eats

The original Columbus Ave. location offers both indoor and outdoor seating and a menu that boasts rave reviews! One online review specifically raved about the rosemary, potato, and egg breakfast sandwich, calling it “perfect.”

There are options as well like the variety of quiche and bagel plates to choose from. Or, if you happen to be in at lunchtime on a chilly Boston day, go for the grilled cheese as an indulgent accompaniment to your perfectly crafted pour-over. 

The second location features lighter snacks, primarily pastries from local bakeries. And both locations provide excellent wireless coverage and ample space to stretch out and get some work done.

Both locations are participating in a environmentally-friendly program

That was recently launched called “The Coffee Cup Collective,” where people pay a monthly fee to rent a stainless-steel coffee cup in lieu of creating more waste and using disposable cups.

Once you have signed up for the program and download the app, you can pick up a cup at both Render Coffee locations, and return it at another participating business! 

Whether looking to fuel-up for a business deadline or seeking a cozy spot to catch-up with a friend, Render Coffee has a pour-over for you. And feel free to bring your own cup. 


563 Columbus Ave. Boston, MA and 121 Devonshire St. Boston, MA