Scavenger Hunt By The Kauai Coffee Company

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What could make a more memorable and interactive fun day, than having a scavenger hunt at Kauai Coffee Company’s estate? The estate is located on the glimmering landscapes of the southwest coastline of the island of Kauai, HI.

A scavenger hunt of any kind, especially on a coffee estate, will prove to be loads of fun. A review of the Kauai Coffee Company scavenger hunt can help shed light on the fun that awaits us, and what is to be discovered along the way.

When Does The Kauai Coffee Company Have Their Scavenger Hunt?

The company’s scavenger hunt is a public event, held every Wednesday at their coffee estate. The company posts instructions for the scavenger hunt on their website every Wednesday morning. It’s fun and exciting and folks are welcome to join every year.

Who Can Take Part In The Scavenger Hunt?

Since the Kauai Coffee Company scavenger hunt is a public event, anyone can take part in it. However, registration is essential, and is done the day before the occasion.

Surprisingly, registration for the scavenger hunt is free, and so is participation. Teams may be made up of family members, or friends.

What Does The Kauai Coffee Company Scavenger Hunt Entail?

The scavenger hunt is a challenge: participants search for items on the given list of instructions. This is true of all scavenger hunts, wherever they are held.

Notably, nothing makes it a more interactive and enjoyable activity than the reward of completing the scavenger hunt before anyone else. The company offers free lunch to the first five teams that finish the scavenger hunt by noon.

Since parts of the island organize the scavenger hunt, participants can start wherever they are located on the estate. Every team earns points for visiting any of the required spots. Upon finishing the hunt, participants are required to head over to the Kauai Coffee Company Estate.

The scavenger hunt should be completed before noon, so the participants can ensure that they make it to the top five teams. Without a doubt, this would be in a quest to earn them free lunch.

However, no team goes away empty handed! The Kauai Coffee Company is very generous, so all teams that complete the scavenger hunt will walk away with a free coffee bag to take home!

What Does One Need For The Scavenger Hunt?

No one should experience such a fun day and not capture memories of it! Therefore, a camera would be essential for capturing moments together with fellow teammates, as you participate in the scavenger hunt.

Also, documentation of every spot you visit is key to earning crucial points that help to roll out the winner. A vehicle is also needed for the completion of the task, since the Kauai Coffee Company Estate is quite expansive.

A print of the hunt, and a map would be valuable tools for the scavenger hunt, since internet access on the island is very limited.

There’s not a lot that’s more fun than achieving goals and winning challenges with your loved ones or friends. Participating in the Kauai Coffee Company scavenger hunt provides a perfect getaway from boredom, due to repetitive daily routines.

After such a memorable activity, the participants have the privilege to take part in the Kauai Coffee Company farm tour that is scheduled to start at 1:00 PM.

With the fun from all the activities, and gifts from the coffee company, Kauai Coffee Company scavenger hunts remain one of the most perfect ways to spend a free Wednesday.