Siphon Coffee Makers Guide – What Are They & Best Uses

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What Is A Siphon Coffee Maker?

A siphon coffee maker (aka syphon coffee maker) is also known as a vacuum coffee maker, and it originated in Germany. These machines are mostly referred to as siphons, or vac pots, and have been around since the 1830’s.

They are available in different designs, but they all use the same technique of brewing. These coffee makers usually have two chambers; one is for creating a vacuum during brewing, and the other is for holding the brewed coffee.

The chambers of these coffee makers differ, depending on the design. Some have chambers made of glass, while others are made of metal or plastic.

The filters of these syphon coffee machines also differ. Some of them are made with glass rods, while others are made with paper, cloth, or nylon.

How Syphon Coffee Makers Are Used

While siphon coffee makers do make the best coffee, they can be tougher to handle, due to their delicate nature. You need to ensure you have the right material before you start brewing.

The equipment needed includes a siphon, filter, water, and ground coffee. You also need a source of heat, which should be a burner, preferably.

Once you have all the equipment, you can start by rinsing the siphons with hot water. You can also preheat it before rinsing, if you wish.

Follow this by putting together the filter and the top jar. Pour the water into the lower chamber, making sure to measure them correctly. For best results, use coarsely ground coffee.

Heat the mixture with the burner. Alternatively, you can boil some water first, before adding in the ground coffee in the lower chamber of the machine. Bring the mixture to a boil. Some of these machines come with inbuilt burners, so they are easier to use.

Once it starts to release large bubbles, set the upper chamber in place and wait for water to fill it. Add your ground coffee when you have enough water, and then stir.

Features Of Siphon Coffee Makers

Most designs of these machines makes them easy to use. The simplicity is amplified in electric machines, since they don’t require setting up or monitoring heat.

Their design also makes them nice to look at, making them a great decorative addition to any home. The vacuum in these machines ensures that you get the most caffeine out of your coffee. For the best coffee, check out our Colombian coffee brands guide.

The extraction method they use also ensures that any solubles are extracted, which will result in coffee that is rich in caffeine.

The heating process of these syphon coffee makers allows uniformity in the way that the heat is spread. This ensures that your coffee is evenly heated, resulting in better quality.


All of these features set this syphon coffee maker apart from the rest. They are some of the reasons why you should choose siphon coffee makers.

When choosing a siphon coffee maker, some of the factors to consider include the size, price, and functionality. You need to consider the number of cups you want it to brew, the amount of money you’re willing to spend, and the mode of preparation it uses.

The most common types you’ll have to choose from are the standalone coffee makers, or the stove top ones. They both make high quality coffee.

The only difference is that with standalones, the burner is in built in, while the stove top is designed to be placed on top of a stove.