Sojourners Coffee & Tea – Denver CO

Sojourners Coffee and Tea

Sojourner’s Coffee first opened in 2009 after several years of planning and studying at the American Barista and Coffee School in Portland Oregon. This shop sits on Holly Street in the Virginia Village neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. The owner’s dream is to meld the open source software, Linux, with the coffee shop experience.

Currently the shop uses Linux for their personal software. There are plans in the works for guest to use desktops and educational classes about the software.

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Traveling Is Always A Topic of Conversation At the Shop

This shop also loves the travel experience, and is working on a coffee passport that people can take abroad. The baristas are friendly and love to chat, you will always find someone to talk about that dream vacation with at this shop.

It’s a Trendy Location That Always Has a Good Vibe

Sojourner’s is full of warm, rich hues, and the addition of chalkboards for menus really drives home that cozy appeal. A mix of wood and brick reminds you that you are in the heart of a trendy Denver Neighborhood.

Travel photos sprinkled around the shop add something fun to look at and a great conversation starter for those looking to make new friends.

Local Artists Get To Showcase Their Work on the Walls

Throughout the year Sojourner’s also offers a place for artists to showcase their latest work. This shop is large, offering plenty of space to get work done, hang out, and share stories about past and future travel.

They Use Locally Sourced Coffee and Occasionally A Guest Roaster

Sojourner’s offers a mix of coffee and tea beverages. They are very proud to have the majority of their products be locally sourced. They primarily use beans from Coda Coffee and Nova Coffee, two Denver roasters that strive to bring the best coffee beans to Colorado.

Occasionally Sojourner’s will bring in a guest roast from outside the Denver area to showcase.

They Offer Locally Sourced Teas and Delicious Eats

In addition to coffee, they also offer a variety of locally sourced tea from Teatulia, based in Denver, and Tea Spot, based an hour away in Boulder, Colorado. If you are looking for a bite to eat, you can also find local options from around town.

In addition to serving panini sandwiches, they also have a variety of baked goods from Figaro Bakery and The Last Crumb Bakery. With both regular and gluten free products, there is a little something for everyone at Sojourner’s.

There’s Only One Location and it’s Open 6 Days a Week

This shop only has one location, so you will have to make the trek to Denver if you want to get the full experience. You can stop by the shop between 6:30 am and 4:30 pm Monday through Friday, or between 7:30 and 4:30 on Saturday to enjoy a cup of locally sourced coffee.

Check Out Their Facebook For Updates and Specials

It is worth mentioning that while these are the regular hours, the shop has been doing some renovating and changes of ownership over the past few months.

They regularly update their Facebook page when their hours change, so be sure to take a look there before heading out your door! This shop offers a unique experience, if you want to learn about travel and the Linux software all while drinking coffee, then add this place to the top of your list!


If you want to visit you can find Sojourner’s Coffee at this address: 1501 S Holly St, Denver, CO 80222.