Space Monkey Coffee – Portland

Space Monkey Coffee

Space Monkey Coffee opened its doors in 2005, but the current owner, Jenni, bought the cafe in 2011. Its goal is to meet the need of a cafe to provide a space to rest, work, and live well for the local community.

They always offer locally-roasted coffee and pastries made fresh every day, as well as hosting monthly art shows.

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Locally Roasted Coffee and Community Artisan Goods

The cafe also offers community artisan goods such as jewelry, knit gifts, cards, and other tasty treats crafted by local artisans. Space Monkey Coffee has the desire to create a home away from home for each of their guests.

The Drink Menu Has Something For Everybody

On their menu, there is no shortage of delicious choices for any and every palette. Beverages include brewed coffees, lattes, teas, and a large array of specialty coffee drinks. Hot and iced drinks are available as well, or even fresh espresso poured over vanilla ice cream!

They Offer Milk Alternatives and Vegan and Gluten Free Food Options

Milk alternatives are offered as well, so those who are avoiding dairy can safely enjoy every beverage on the menu with soy, almond, or coconut milk.

Their brewed coffee is Cellar Door Coffee, expertly roasted right in Portland. Food items include suitable selections for vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free diets!

Breakfast Is Served All Day!!

Breakfast is served all day in Space Monkey Coffee: breakfast sandwiches and bagels, baked goods, oatmeal, fresh fruit, waffles, and french toast!

There are also plenty of lunch options served the whole day long as well, including hot and cold sandwiches, soups, and salads. Anyone’s taste preferences or special diet can rest assured that there are plenty of things that can appeal well to their palettes.

Free WiFi While You Work and A Play Area For Your Kids

Space Monkey Coffee offers free WiFi to their customers, so you can bring your laptop to catch up on your next meeting presentation or a good book to enjoy while you sip a hot mocha.

There is also an area specially designed to let children play and experience the shop as well, so guests of any age can enjoy the environment of this great, eclectic coffee cafe.

It’s Open Seven Days A Week

It’s open seven days a week, allowing people to have a space to savor their favorite drinks anytime. Plenty of artwork in the shop and large windows create a warm, open space.

The entire coffee shop appears to be a work of art itself since there are so many lovely pieces contained. Live plants also line the interior, so the shop has a feeling of home.

Play A Board Game Indoor or Outdoors

Both indoor and outdoor seating are available, so visitors can enjoy warmer weather or a cozy inside. Choose from tables for two, comfortable sofas and chairs, and seats by store front windows.

There are also always plenty of parking spots that have easy access to the cafe, which is a huge plus for those coming in from further away. The cafe also keeps board games in the shop as well, so those who come in to visit with friends can stay a while and enjoy a round of cards or Monopoly.

If you’re seeking a cute, hipster cafe that celebrates the local community around it, check out Space Monkey Coffee for both delicious products and a deep appreciation for local culture’s beauty.


5511 SE 72nd Avenue Portland, OR 97206.