Speckled Ax – Portland, Maine

Speckled Ax

Speckled Ax is a coffee shop located in Portland, Maine. Technically, it came into being in 2012, but its origins are shared with the former “Matt’s Wood Roasted Organic Coffee.” Matt’s Coffee was founded in 2007 and became Speckled Ax upon the opening of a retail location. For Sumatra coffee recommendations, our guide is here to serve you.

Formerly Known as Matt’s

While under the name of Matt’s, it acted primarily as a coffee roaster and seller of whole, packaged beans. Beginning as a side project for the owner after which it had been named, Matt Bolinder, it eventually overtook the other interests and jobs he had been pursuing, such as a teaching English. 

Matt’s coffee had gained a fair amount of popularity in its time, to the point where upon entering the Speckled Ax cafe, customers would make complimentary remarks about how the shop carried “Matt’s.” This is not undeserved, either, as both the new name and the old hint at what makes the coffee of unique and expert quality.

How Matt’s Became Speckled Ax

Speckled Ax gained its name not just from being an upgrade to Matt’s, but more specifically because an axe is the tool used to chop wood, and wood is at the heart of the business. As one of very few roasters using this method, Speckled Ax is unique in that it uses a vintage Italian Petroncini oven filled with hard wood to roast its beans.

This poses many benefits that cannot be achieved through normal roasting. First, the flames are clean and free from gasoline, and add a wood-fired flavor to the beans. Better yet, the nature of this method preserves the oils within the beans, and in return keeps the flavor and even caffeine more in-tact.

They Offer a Coffee Subscription Online

The process involves very particular measurements and timing, and those that exhibit success with this roasting method must demonstrate dedication. The last benefit is that it is a quick process.

Speckled Ax sells packaged beans online as individual bags, as a subscription service, and of course in store, but all packages are shipped fresh.

Same Day Roasting and Delivery

The roasting takes place in the early morning and is shipped via USPS within the same day.  Fire-roasting is a careful process, but Speckled Ax is also careful with whom they source their beans from.

Not only do they source from farmers in foreign areas that demonstrate good practices, but they strive to pay them as much as they can, with attention paid to the different economies of the farmers’ origins.

Their Coffee Menu is Modest

With these beans, Speckled Ax creates a modest menu. Individual roasts are available as straight coffee and espresso, but there are also americanos, lattes, iced coffee, pour overs, au laits, and chai and looseleaf teas.

Come Try Their Fruity Pebbled Infused Milk

These are not plentifully unique, but the quality from the fire-roasting is what sets them apart. However, there is also the alternative milk that can make any beverage unique, and that is the milk steeped in Fruity Pebbles cereal.

A bit odd, but the fruity flavor will add a drastic impact.  Speckled Ax currently supports one location, though there will be a second around October that will also feature a kitchen serving breakfast items.


567 Congress St, Portland, Maine, 04101