Sterling Coffee Roasters – Portland OR

Sterling Coffee Roasters

Sterling Coffee Roasters is a coffee shop and cafe located in Portland, Oregon. It was founded in 2005 by Aric Miller and Adam McGovern, whom met while working for another Portland coffee shop, Coffeehouse Northwest.

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Currently Only One Location Serving Portland

Despite meeting while working in the coffee industry that they would eventually partner to contribute to, their experience prior to coffee lies in restaurants, and it shows. Sterling Coffee only has one location, but it has taken multiple forms in the past.

It Started Off as a Simple Coffee Cart

Before, it had been a simple coffee cart, and inhabited a couple other cafes, though never having more than one location at a time. The current space is Sterling’s largest yet, and part of why they have never expanded to support more than one location at once is because of the personable service that has prevailed through the business’s entire history.

The owners’ restaurant experience is on display in many ways, such as the attire donned by its staff. White shirts, and black ties and pants are common, though not so much with the store’s competitors. What makes Sterling Coffee Roasters so unique is what it does, but also what it doesn’t.

Their Customer Service is Unique and Personable

The most restaurant-esque quality is the way they serve their customers. Instead of calling out the names on beverage orders, Sterling staff will not only walk your order to you, they will greet you as you enter and ask what you would like while chatting about life.

Further contradictions to the modern coffee shop format are that they strive to allow their customers utmost freedom in their orders. Regardless of what a staff member might think about a customer’s order, they will present it with a smile and not overcomplicate anything with facts about their artisanal coffees.

It’s a Colorful Cafe that Serves Smiles with Their Coffee

The interior broadcasts a restaurant’s warmth with low hanging globe lights, as well as large canvases of artwork, and a colorfully wallpapered accent wall. None of this is to say that Sterling doesn’t care about coffee, however. They do serve it after all.

They Offer an Espresso Flight

The beverage menu is small, only listing espresso, pressed coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, and hot chocolates, but it is all carefully crafted to boast prominent flavor. The most plentiful thing at Sterling is the varieties of coffee they serve, and customers can try a sampling of multiple in the espresso flight.

You Can Order Cookies and Other Pastries

Complimenting the beverages are cookies, scones, and other pastries. Far and beyond, Sterling Coffee Roasters is most known for its service, though. It has established many regulars.


518 NW 21st Ave, Portland, Oregon, 97209.