Sumatra K Cups – 5 Popular Stores and Companies to Find Your Single Cup Brews

Sumatra coffee cannot go unnoticed, with its unique and distinctive earthly aroma. Due to its uniqueness only, a few companies sell Sumatra coffee K cups at its finest (not to mention that the pandemic supply chain has made it extremely hard to get coffee at times!)

Depending on one’s preference and likes, you can choose from a wide variety of robust flavors from different companies. The cup count will vary from one brand to another, and even within the same brand.

5 Popular Brands That Offer Sumatra K Cups

sumatra k cup coffee being enjoyed by a woman

Below are some popular company brands that are famous for their Sumatra coffee k cups:

#1. AmazonFresh Fair Trade Sumatra Dark K Cups

Amazon has its own brand of affordable and quality Sumatra K cups for you to enjoy. With over 18,000 reviews, the decision is in: this is one of our top “popular brand” of Sumatran K cup coffee for your Keurig or single serve coffee machine!

These K cups make a cup of coffee that is dark, bold, yet has a subtle hint of sweetness in the aftertaste. I personally give them a two thumbs up even though I typically frown on big coffee brand selections.

#2. Starbucks Sumatra K Cups

Starbucks is a well-known brand for its specialty coffee category. They offer a wide range of flavors that deliver freshness, with a unique roasted sweetness.

Among its choices is Sumatra, with a full body and smooth mouth feel. They concentrate on meeting the needs and preferences of their users. Sumatra coffee is grown on islands in Indonesia, where they offer outstanding, tasty coffee.

Packaging comes in differing counts. In reference to flavors, some stand-alone, whereas others are packed as a variety to be sold together as assorted k-cup coffee flavors.

In addition, the quantity will also differ, which comes at varying prices. There is always something for every consumer with Starbucks’ Sumatra coffee k-cups.

#3. Sam’s Club

Sam’s Choice is very competitive in the market and for a good reason too. Though they may not have a very wide selection of flavors and brands, they have outstanding Sumatra coffee K-cups.

Their small selection allows you to choose between Organic Sumatra Mandheling whole-bean coffee and ground coffee. These dark roast blends are popular with many people, and they offer affordable Sumatra coffee k-cups.

#4. Nomad Coffee Club

Nomad sells outstanding Sumatra coffee to a niche market. Though they do not sell their coffee in large quantities to a larger population, they ensure that their coffee remains fresh, with an earthly aroma that is easily distinguishable.

Nomad coffee club coffee will fulfill your desire, not just through its aroma, but also through its appealing taste. They also have a limited selection of K-cup flavors, but they uphold on quality.

#5. Keurig

This company falls under Starbucks, but it stands out as a company that sells its own Sumatra coffee K cups. It is definitely giving Starbucks a run for it in its target market.

They offer a selection of flavors, quantities, and coffee variations. The packaging ensures that the coffee remains fresh, while at the same time, retains its distinctive aroma.


The above are some popular companies that sell Sumatra coffee K cups that stand the test of time. Though they are the main sellers, others are using suppliers and online outlets to help push their products. These outlets include but are not limited to eBay and Walmart, alongside physical retail outlets.

Sumatra coffee K cups are a must-have for every coffee lover. Their fresh nature leaves an earthy aroma, with a pleasant scent that will always trigger your sensory system.

The prices may differ from one company to another but the bottom line is that these ones are mostly in supply and very consistent with their quality.