Sumatra Coffee Beans Are Truly Unique

sumatra coffee beans

There are many different regions in the world that grow coffee. From the high mountains of Colombia to the hills of Jamaica, coffee is a very popular crop to plant.

Each coffee region has its own way of growing beans, which helps them stand out from one another. While great coffee comes from all parts of the planet, today, we are going to focus on just one type of bean: Sumatran Coffee Beans!

Why Are Sumatra Beans So Unique Tasting?!

Sumatran coffee beans are known to coffee lovers all over the world as some of the best beans produced. They are grown in several small regions that are located on Sunda Island, off the coast of Western Indonesia.

They grow at higher elevations, like most coffee beans, but they are processed much differently than others. Below, we will learn about the process, and why it is so important.

Wet Hull Processing

When Sumatran coffee beans are harvested, the seed is removed from the cherry. When the seeds come out, they have a high moisture content.

Typically, around the world, these beans are dried out until they only have a moisture level of 11%. In Sumatran coffee, the beans are only left to dry until they have a moisture level of much higher than 11%.

Once the beans reach this level, they are taken to a specialized wet hulling machine, which uses friction to finish the drying process. The machine also removes the coffee beans from their protective coating.

In addition to removing the protective coating, the machine also helps to ferment the bean. This gives them their rich, earthy flavors that we will learn about later.

The wet hulling process is likely the result of not being able to dry beans because of bad weather. During a normal year, farmers only have about 4 hours of dry time between periods of heavy rain.

Rich In Flavor

When it comes to Sumatran coffee beans, you will notice right away that they have a ton of flavor. Once roasted and brewed, the ground beans unleash several flavor notes.

Sumatran coffee is very rich in earthy notes, which helps to set it apart from all of the rest. The first note that you will likely notice is its spicy, herbal flavor that can make your tongue tingle.

After that first bit of spiciness, you will start to notice other flavors, including wild mushrooms and bell peppers.

Sumatran coffee has a low acidity level, which helps the flavors come out. For those who are sensitive to acidic coffees, Sumatran coffee makes the perfect alternative to other types of beans.


If you have never had the pleasure of drinking Sumatran coffee before, you should give it a try. It is a truly unique coffee that can only be found in one small region of the world.

It is very rich in earthy flavors, making it different from others. This is probably why it has become one of the most popular coffees on the planet! In fact, Starbucks, a major coffee chain, sells more Sumatran coffee than any other drink.