Sumatran Vs Colombian Coffee: What’s Are The Differences?

Sumatran Vs Colombian Coffee: What’s Are The Differences?

If you are a coffee lover, then you probably already know the difference between Colombian coffee and Sumatran coffee. But if you are new to the world of fine coffee, you might be wondering what sets these two coffee types apart.

Today, we are going to explore both of these amazing coffee beans, and learn what makes them different from one another.

The Hulling Process

One of the main differences between Colombian coffee and Sumatran coffee is how they are processed. Colombian coffee is dried in the sun for several days after, or until they reach a moisture level of around 10%. This helps the bean dry out and gets it ready for the hulling process. Read about Sumatra Mandheling coffee here.

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But, when it comes to Sumatran coffee, it spends a lot less time in the sun. Sumatran coffee is hulled with a much higher moisture level, which can be around 20%.

A special wet hulling machine is used to remove the beans from the parchment. The wet hulling machine also allows the coffee beans to ferment, which gives them a unique flavor that you will not find anywhere else.

Acidity Level And Flavor

Colombian coffee has a well-balanced flavor, and contains a medium amount of acid. This coffee still has some bite to it, but it is not overwhelmingly bitter.

Some coffee lovers consider Colombian coffee one of the world’s best, because of its smooth flavor. On the other hand, Sumatran coffee has a much lower acid level. This makes it one of the best coffees for those who are sensitive to acid.

Sumatran coffee also has a very unique flavor. It has earthy notes that help it stand out from the rest. When you drink Sumatran coffee, you will notice hints of bell pepper, mushrooms, and even herbs. This flavor is caused by the way the coffee is processed, and the soil in which it grows.

The Price

When it comes to price, you will notice a big difference between these two coffee beans. Colombian coffee is much cheaper than Sumatran coffee, for several different reasons.

First, Colombian coffee is more widely grown, and there are more regions that produce it. Sumatran coffee, on the other hand, has a much smaller growing region, which is located in more remote areas.

Second, as we have already learned, Sumatra coffee goes through a different hulling process that requires more labor. This can often drive up the price of the bean.

Finally, Sumatran coffee is harder to source than Colombian coffee. While local trade groups are working to gain more access to this coffee, it is simply harder to come by.


Each of these coffee beans have something different to offer. Both of them are highly sought after, and each one provides excellent flavor. While one is a bit more acidic than the other, both of these coffees have a smooth taste that you are sure to love!

If you have never tried these coffees before, you should go out and get you a couple of bags. You really don’t know what you are missing!

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