The Crooked Mile Cafe – Portland, Maine

The Crooked Mile

The Crooked Mile Cafe is a sandwich and coffee shop with two locations in Portland, Maine. These locations rest in the Old Port and Rosemont neighborhoods. It was a fortunate thing that the owners, Joe and Shea McGonigle, had decided to open a second location in the years of owning their business. For best Sumatran coffee, check out our guide.

A Horrible Tragedy Occurred

In October of 2017, a car accident near the Rosemont location led to a vehicle bulldozing through a supporting wall, and consequently forcing the business to close. Employees lost jobs, the cafe lost potential business, and the customers lost their warm and welcoming breakfast and lunch go-to.

Only as recently as August 22nd of 2019 has the spot finished construction and finally reopened. There is nothing significantly different about the cafe, besides its newly peaked roof, though this is in part because the building code wouldn’t allow for much change.

A Relocation and Re-Opening

However, there didn’t need to be, and The Crooked Mile Cafe in Rosemont faithfully serves the same food and beverages that it would have during its unfortunate absence, and that the Old Port spot provided continuously throughout the lengthy two-year void.

If customers that usually attended the Rosemont space were unable to drive to the Old Port one after the incident, the restaurant has always provided delivery services within the local area. After reopening, the Rosemont one has continued this as well.

The New Location is Welcoming

If people dine-in at a Crooked Mile Cafe, they’ll be welcomed by friendly-faced staff and surrounded by walls covered in warm pastel colors of purple, tan, gray, and white.

The seating comes either as comfortable cushioned couches and chairs or those saddled up to hardwood tables. No matter if you dine-in or order delivery, and no matter which location you visit, the food and beverage selection will be the same.

Offering Made to Order Food

All of the food is of a deluxe variety. Kindly enough, whereas people often customize their coffee, customers are able to customize their food and as they see fit. Each menu items are essentially a list of ingredients, and the customer gets to choose if they would like them turned into a sandwich, wrap, or salad.

You Can Get Breakfast or Lunch

These make up the lunch menu, and the Rise and Shine menu hosts a simpler form of breakfast sandwiches, toasts, and bagels, as well as the beverages that are good for any time of day.

Some of the gourmet lunch items include the “Jersey Joe Italian,” which mixes tomato, romaine, pepperoni, onion, salami, mustard, mayo, red wine vinaigrette, oregano, and provolone, or the “Fiesta,” which combines black bean and corn salsa, guacamole, cheese, tomatoes, grilled chicken, lime vinaigrette, and mixed greens.

Try a Lavender Latte or an Orange Mocha

The coffee at The Crooked Mile Cafe is more of a complimentary thing, with only the options of espresso based cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas, as well as chai and teas, but all of these can be customized with flavors.

Like the food menu, the drink flavors are broad, including syrups like orange, lavender, and maple, for example. So, whether you want to eat well, or sit in a cozy environment with a tasty beverage and bagel, The Crooked Mile can provide all of that. 


8 Milk St, or 428 Brighton Ave, Portland, Maine, 04101