The Great North – Portland

The Great north

Jonathan Felix-Lund & Matt Brown are joint owners of great North (formerly Fourth estate). The Great North opened in 2016.

The owners had previously worked in Coava Coffee Roasters. The Great North has a focus on beverages. Matt Brown was formerly director of wholesale for Coava Coffee.

The previous business at this location (Fourth Estate) had been trading since 2013. Also, have you ever wondered if Can You Pair Coffee With Cheese? Get the answer now 🙂

This Shop Was Previously Fourth Estate Coffee

Jonathan Felix-Lund & Matt Brown had been thinking about opening a coffee shop for some time, and when they saw that Fourth estate was closing, they took the plunge and bought it.

When they saw the outlet was for sale, they knew that St Johns was the ideal match for them. They wanted a coffee shop that focussed on quality and hospitality, and everything else was built around that.

A Modern Cafe Located in the St. John’s Neighborhood of Portland

The Great North Located in the heart of Portland’s St. Johns neighborhood. It is a Bright, contemporary cafe offering coffee & tea plus locally sourced bagels & baked goods.

The Great North has a lot of wood inside. Wooden floors, wooden counter, and varnished wooden tables, both small and large. The ceilings are very high, making it light and airy. It has a big chalkboard style menu across the back of the bar. There is outside seating.

They Serve Coava Coffee

They streamlined the old Fourth estate menu to focus on coffee, tea, pastries, and bagels. The Great North has a range of drinks on offer to its customers including, Coava Coffee, Jasmine Tea, Home-made sodas & Chai. They also offer their own range of Home-made syrups and sauces.

Coava is one of the premier coffee roasters in the USA. It is a company that cares about their coffee and has built up long term sustainable partnerships with their coffee producers.

As a company that shops for its coffee at the farm level, they make sure that each farm can produce consistent quality coffee beans. Each producer they work with has undergone a study to check on factors that can affect quality.

Their Drink Selections Range From Chai, Home-made Sodas, Chai and Jasmine Tea

Great North has selected Jasmine Pearl as their tea supplier. Jasmine Pearl Tea has been importing and handcrafting loose tea blends. The teas have been harvested and blended in small quantities, which allows them to supply the freshest blends. the company is owned by Chuck Bauman

The Food Ranges From Typical Items to Gluten Free Items

Great North is not just about beverages. They also have food. They offer breakfast sandwiches, yogurt bowls, Bowery Bagels, a wide selection of pastries from Dos Hermanos bakery, and Petunias Pies & Pastries. Gluten-free treats are also available.

The pastries supplier to Great north is Dos Hermanos Bakery, which is a North Williams wholesale bakery owned by Gabriel and Josue Azcorra. Before starting Dos Hermanos, the brothers ran managed artisan old-schooler Delphina’s for nearly a decade. They have an excellent reputation.

Most Of Their Food is Locally Sourced

Their Bagels are provided by Bowery Bagels, owned by Michael Madigan, a supplier to Bowery Bagels certified Kosher Parve by Oregon Kosher. All their bagels (excepting MSG) are Kosher when purchased from The Great North, only if whole and uncut.

The business is very community-minded, as are many other small businesses in St Johns.

For example, a local couple lost everything in a house fire, and local businesses got together and helped the couple recover a bit. This locally-minded attitude, combined with the care they take to work with ethical companies, makes the Great North a great asset to the community.


7373 N Burlington Ave, Portland, OR 97203