7 Easy Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur Drinks

Many people start their day with coffee in order to get a morning buzz unlike anything else. Others reach for a hot cup of Joe when they need a boost during an afternoon slump.

The more adventurous among us know that coffee can also be tons of fun. Drinking a classic cocktail that features coffee liqueur during a happy hour after work, or on a night out with friends can give you the double punch of caffeine and alcohol.

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What is the Tia Maria Drink?

Not only that, these aromatic cocktails, especially if they’re made with Tia Maria coffee liqueur (which uses Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee beans), can seduce your sense of smell, as well as your taste buds.

Since the main ingredients in Tia Maria are coffee beans, rum, vanilla, and sugar, it produces a pleasurable taste that’s unparalleled, and acts as the perfect base for a number of easy-to-make classic cocktails.

What Drink Can You Make With Tia Maria?

Here are seven of the most popular Tia Maria drinks, requiring you to use just a few ingredients. This means you’ll spend less time shopping for the right things and mixing them, and you’ll spend more time celebrating with a drink. You’re at the right place if you’ve been wanting to know what drinks you can make with Tia Maria or how to drink Tia Maria:

espresso martini

1. Tia Maria Straight Up

What You Need: Tia Maria, ice.

It doesn’t get easier than this. Fill a glass with ice, and then pour in Tia Maria. You’ll be surprised how smooth this goes down. The amount you should use will be up to you.

2. Tia Maria With Milk

For those wondering “can you drink tia maria with milk“, hell yes!!!

What You Need: Tia Maria, milk, ice.

This is almost as simple as the first recipe. The only variation is that you add milk, whatever amount to suit your personal taste, and stir.

This is perfect for people who regularly drink coffee with some kind of milk. Again, how much Tia Maria you pour in is according to your preference.

3. Tia Maria With Cola

What You Need: 1 part Tia Maria, 3 parts cola, ice, lime (optional).

Just about every kind of alcohol pairs well with cola. It’s no different with Tia Maria. This drink tastes great and also gives you that extra jolt of caffeine. You can add a slice of lime for an extra twist.

4. White Russian

black russian coffee cocktail

What You Need: 1 part Tia Maria, 1 part vodka, 1 part heavy cream, ice.

This cocktail can truly be called a classic. All it takes to feel sophisticated is to fill a glass with ice, pour in Tia Maria, your favorite vodka, and then layer the cream on top.

If you’re worried about calories, you can substitute the cream for milk, soy milk, or almond milk.

5. Black Russian

What You Need: 1 part Tia Maria, 2 parts vodka, ice.

We can’t mention a White Russian without mentioning its more hardcore counterpart. For this drink, you ditch the heavy cream in favor of more vodka. Many people love the sound of that!

6. Tia Maria Hot Cocoa

What You Need: 1 part Tia Maria, hot cocoa.

This drink is so basic, but it’s so good. All you do is spike a cup of hot chocolate (as much or as little as you want) with Tia Maria. You’ll feel like a kid again, but there will be an adult secret indide: coffee liqueur!

7. Espresso Martini

What You Need: 1 part Tia Maria, 1 part vodka, 1 part espresso, ice.

One of the most popular cocktails using Tia Maria is this delicious concoction. If you’re lucky enough to have an espresso machine, then all you have to do is shake together Tia Maria, vodka, espresso, and ice. Strain the drink into a martini glass, and enjoy!

Can You Drink Tia Maria Straight?

Yes, you can drink Tia Maria straight. However, when you have the above blend of delicious cocktails, why would you choose to down it straight?! (We cover this as #1, btw)

Drink Up!

There are so many drinks you can make with Tia Maria liquer. The ones we’ve included here are some of the easiest and most famous. Pick your favorite Tia Maria drink recipe, and in a matter of minutes, you’ll be celebrating!