Touristy, Fun Things To Do In Kauai, HI

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Kauai, Hawaii is a popular tourist destination on the island state. This particular jewel in the Pacific is considered a major tourist destination for people who enjoy traveling and seeing new sites.

When tourists visit Kauai, they can indulge in a variety of activities that will make them glad that they visited the island. One thing that will definitely perk their interest is something that is considered one of Hawaii’s little secrets.

Kauai has the largest coffee farm in the U.S. That’s right, coffee farming is big business in Hawaii. This is something that many people typically do no associate with the Aloha state.

Here is a list of things for visitors to enjoy during their stay in Kauai. Coffee lovers will especially like the Kauai Coffee Company farming tour that is available in the area, giving you the chance to try and purchase the best Kauai coffee on the island!

The Primary Attractions In Kauai

Most of the major attractions that are available for people include outdoor activities. Kauai is an island, and on this island, there are lots of outdoor activities to indulge in.

First up is the Waimea Canyon & The Cliff/Canyon Trail. This is a state park that gives people a full view of the great scenery that defines the Hawaii islands. There is a huge area that is filled with lush forests, amazing landscapes, and breathtaking scenery of the Pacific Ocean.

There is also the Cliff/Canyon Trail hike that provides tourists with a first hand experience through Kauai’s landscape. This is definitely one place that tourists must visit, once they arrive.

Wailua Falls

Wailua Falls is a major attraction because it was seen by millions of people during the late 1970’s and early 80’s. The show Fantasy Island recorded here in its opening shots.

Since that time, millions of people have frequented Wailua to see the falls up close and personal. Wailua Falls is another place to view nature in Kauai.

Na ‘Aina Kai

Na ‘Aina Kai is a major botanical location on the island. It is a natural botanical garden that is spread out over the whole area. Visitors can take tours when passing through the area, and there are plenty of activities for visitors.

They include a children’s garden for kids to play, teak forest trees for visitors to explore, and a maze for everyone to find their way through. Na ‘Aina Kai is yet another great place in Kauai for people to have fun.

Other Major Sites For People To See In Kauai

Other sites in the state include the Church in Hanalei, which gives people a glimpse into the life of Hawaiians from hundreds of years ago.

The Hanalei Wildlife Refuge is where visitors can see various animals, and enjoy kayaking and horseback riding. Hanalei Bay and Anini Beach are two other major points where visitors can gather to have a good time.

Coffee Farms In Kauai

The coffee farms in Kauai provide tours. These tours typically allow visitors to come to the farms and experience how coffee is grown and manufactured.

There are gift shops for purchasing Hawaiian coffee brands. Visitors will also usually be allowed to sample some of the coffee products that are available from this region.

The Kauai Coffee Company Estate is large, and very exhaustive. People typically visit the estate to enjoy taking the tours for an in-depth view of the industry.

The tours typically last for about an hour, and they give people a thorough understanding about Kauai’s coffee industry.

The coffee tours and other activities in Kauai reveal why the island is such an interesting place to visit and experience for tourists.