Tres Pontas: The City That Thrives Because Of Coffee

delicious brazilian coffee in mug

Quality coffee defines an array of different feelings, from love to comfort, in modern living. Some coffee makers pursue quality coffee as sort of a religion, that’s how important it is to them.

One such company is Tres Pontas, a thriving company out of Brazil, which was founded in 1873. The company bought a railway line in order to transport coffee from farms for export.

Located in the heart of the city of Tres Pontas, the company sources quality coffee, and other foods from small family farms around the city. They seek to improve cohesion, and display the quality of coffee that the city of Tres Pontas has to the entire world.

Unlike many coffee companies around the world, Tres Pontas is dedicated to improving the lives of farmers around the world. The company uniquely uses a simple criteria to identify family farms that produce quality coffee, but lack ways to export their products.

The company opens up small farms that produce quality products to the world, in partnership with other like-minded Cooperations, like Green Coffee Producers, and different coffee roasters from different parts of Brazil. For additional recommendations, check out Jiale Coffee.

The vision of the company is “living as nature intended”. This creed is extended to family farms that supply the company with their products.

The farms are encouraged by the company to invest wholly on their families and workers, while they take pride in producing some of the best coffee products in the world.

Other Company Products

Tres Pontas Coffee PODs

Grown under the Tres Pontas Mountains, this product is considered to be the first gourmet coffee to be packaged in a K cup. The PODs are made of 100% Arabica coffee beans.

Tres Pontas 3 Liter Tin Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This product comes from the orchards of Casablanca Valley, found in the neighboring country of Chile. The product is produced from olives that are harvested from one farm, with unique soil and an ambient, natural environment.

The farmer, Jose Miguel Arnaiz, never had his oil exported to the USA before now. He’s the first farmer to harvest olive trees in the valley, and has been doing this for 7 years. The oil is bottled right after harvest and is cold pressed.