Understanding Australia’s Coffee Culture

Coffee is a commodity that energizes people and economies, so nearly every country has a relationship with the caffeinated brew. Recently, Australia has seen an increasing demand for local coffee options, which has upped production of national coffee farms and exports.

Now, Australian coffee is considered a category of its own, with unique advancements of the choices that coffee drinkers have. You can choose the long black, the doppio, the flat white, etc. These are all new creations by the Australian coffee baristas.

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In the past, Australia had very little to do with coffee, and it proved to be an unprofitable business. However, in the middle of the 20th century, a strong Italian population grew in Australia, and they brought cafe and coffee culture with them.

Over time, the social populations of cities, such as Melbourne, became ingrained with a love of coffee. Now, though it still can’t compete with the coffee giants of the world, Australia enjoys a rapidly growing territory in the consumption, culture, and marketing of coffee.

How Is Australian Coffee Different?

The variety and amount of coffee that is actually grown in Australia is limited. Most coffee is grown on the eastern side of the continent, where the environment is temperate.

Some Australian coffee brands are highly sought after, because they are considered rare and tasty; however, this is just a further testament to the unavailability of Australian-grown coffee.

What makes coffee in Australia different than, for example, the United States, is the way that it’s prepared and served. You might say that the strong kick and natural flavors that the Australian style of coffee provides filled the void that declining companies left.

Now, it’s become trendy to drink concentrated shots of specialty coffee, rather than sugary and syrupy concoctions. This hard-hitting form perfectly fits the way that Australians have always served their coffee.

There’s also a massive, and welcome, change in service at an Australian-style cafe. Instead of speed and uniformity in Barista service, people are more interested in a custom-tailored and friendly experience.

Australian cafes know that a good part of what they offer is a good environment to drink coffee in, so they make sure that the staff is always interacting with the customers and providing excellent customer service.

Coffee has become more than just something that you drink to ingest caffeine. It’s a tonic that you share with friends, and use to create wonderful memories.

How Popular Will Australian Coffee Become?

It may take some time for the friendly atmosphere of Australian coffee to find its place in less social cultures, like the United States. However, it’s already had an effect on the young people, and may become the dominant style of coffee service in the near future.

Plenty of European and Asian countries have adopted this warmer style of coffee culture to extremely profitable ends. It’s easy to find a locally owned cafe that operates more like an Australian coffee shop than a Starbucks.

However, most people still aren’t quite ready to make that change in what they expect from their coffee. Overall, it may take some time for the new method of coffee service to filter into the heart of the coffee business. Once it does, it’ll be a brand new era for cafes around the world.