Upper Left Roasters – Portland OR

Upper Left Roasters

Upper Left Roasters is a coffee shop and roasting business in Portland, Oregon. It was established in 2015 by Katherine Harris, and her father, Jim Harris. As of 2019, they operate two locations.

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There are 2 Locations Serving Portland

The first, original location is situated in the Ladd’s Addition neighborhood, and is the home of their roasting operations. The second is next to the entrance of The Nines Hotel in downtown Portland.

Regardless of which cafe a customer visits, Upper Left strives to provide the ultimate coffee experience through means of quality coffee and a tasteful environment.

They Use Sustainably Harvested Beans

Upper Left Roasters sources their beans through a handful of import companies, such as Cafe Imports, Sustainable Harvest, and Coffee Shrub. The coffee is of single-origin and green in nature.

The sustainably harvested beans are roasted in a 10-Kilo Proaster operated by Chris Aplach. He is in charge of Upper Left’s roasting, but once the roasted beans reach the cafe, Upper Left strives to keep the subtleties intact.

The Pour-Overs are Crafted with a Kalita Wave

The beverage menu has a couple of items with additional flavors, such as mochas, lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos, but the central experience is to be found in their “straight” options. Of course, there is espresso and drip coffee, but Upper Left also offers pour-overs, crafted with a Kalita Wave.

They Offer Lactose Free Additives

The homemade almond-macadamia milk can be added to any drink, as well as soymilk, for any customer looking for lactose-free additives. Further options include cold-brew and tea, but the food menu fills out the flavor experience.

Even the smell of the food is taken into account, and as such, the main difference between the two locations is what food they serve. At the Ladd’s Addition spot, there are gourmet toasts, loaded with avocados, vegetables, fruit, and meats.

Both Locations Serve Different Foods

These same ingredients are used in dishes at the downtown locations but are heat-free so as not to permeate the adjacent businesses with unusual smells.   Coffee is still in the air though, filtering through consciously crafted cafes.

The Decor Provides a Light Atmosphere

Designed by Fieldwork design, the goal was to provide a light atmosphere. White walls and light woods are apparent throughout and filled with natural light from the spacious windows.

The decor is minimal, and these central ideas carry-over to the downtown cafe, though in accordance with the pre-built space, it features a bit moodier of lighting, and darker woods.

Overall, Upper Left Roasters wants its customers to feel relaxed enough to notice and enjoy both the space around them, and the nuances of a well-crafted cup of coffee.


1204 SE Clay St, or 555 SW Morrison, Portland, Oregon.