Varieties of the World Famous Blue Mountain Coffee!

Many people love coffee for the strong, bitter taste that the beverage is known for; but, how do you get your coffee fix when this bitterness leaves a bad taste in your mouth?

A highly sought after alternative is to consume a type of Blue Mountain coffee, as these varieties are known for their smooth, rich, and well-balanced flavors.

If you haven’t heard of Blue Mountain coffee before, that’s okay, as this variety is one of the most expensive, due to the region that it is grown in.

Here, we present you with a guide to the types of Blue Mountain coffee, so that you can decide whether these varieties are worth a try.

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Grown In The Blue Mountain Region Of Jamaica

Coffee plantation

Blue Mountain coffee is a very special type of coffee, as it is exclusively grown in the heights of the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica.

As the region is very small and low-producing, and the beans themselves are very difficult to pick, the coffee that is produced there comes at a much higher price than that of others.

The varieties of Blue Mountain coffee are named for the heights at which they are grown. The height above sea level, and the properties of the soil where the coffee plants grow confer a specific flavor to the beans.

You’ll find that there are notable differences between the different varieties. Here, we take you through the three main types of Blue Mountain Coffee:

#1. Jamaica Blue Mountain

Of all the Jamaican coffee varieties, the Jamaica Blue Mountain type is the most coveted and expensive. Grown at the highest elevations of the Blue Mountains, between 3,000-5,500 feet, the beans produced in this region are under strict regulations by the Coffee Regulation Industry Act.

While the mountain range rises to above 7,000 feet, no coffee is grown above 5,500 feet.The flavors of Blue Mountain coffee, grown at these elevations, are deep and vibrant.

Exhibiting none of the bitterness that a lot of coffee varieties are known for, Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee has a clean flavor, with hints of chocolate. The mildness of flavor is due to the creamy, nutty notes, which makes this coffee variety perfect for everyone.

#2. Jamaica High Mountain

quality jamaican blue mountain coffee beans

Jamaican High Mountain coffee is not certified as Blue Mountain coffee, as it is grown at a lower elevation of between 1,500 and 3,000 feet in the Blue Mountains.

Though not as coveted as the certified Blue Mountain variety, the High Mountain type certainly offers many of the highlights that the coffee region is known for, and can be much more accessible for your daily cup of coffee.

While the Blue Mountain variety is perfect for espressos, the High Mountain coffee variety is more suited to milky beverages, such as cappuccinos and lattes.

While you will still experience the smooth flavors with a hint of acidity, the overall experience can be described as a more muted version of the Blue Mountain type.

#3. Jamaica Supreme/Low Mountain

Grown on the lower slopes of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, Jamaica Supreme, also known as the Low Mountain or Blue Mountain Valley coffee type, offers a truly gourmet experience to the every day coffee drinker.

Grown at elevations below 1,500 feet, Jamaican Supreme coffee is the most inexpensive of the Blue Mountain coffee varieties.

Though less expensive than Blue Mountain or High Mountain coffee, Jamaica Supreme carries many of the characteristics of the more expensive varieties.

With the region’s signature lack of bitterness and a smooth, rich, and complex flavor profile, Jamaica Supreme is the variety most often found in Jamaica style blends.


If you haven’t experienced Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee before, then you’re in for an experience. Renowned for the delicious smooth flavors that are loved the world over, this gourmet coffee type is perfect for daily regular drinkers, and coffee aficionados alike.

If you have the chance to sample this beautiful coffee, be sure to savor the flavor!