Verve Coffee – San Francisco

Verve Coffee

Verve Coffee Roasters is a coffee roasting and selling cafe with locations across California and Japan. It was founded in November of 2007 by Ryan O’Donovan and Colby Barr, with Mike Eyre coming on shortly afterward to help handle the business, and eventually becoming the CEO.

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A Unique and Successful Business Model

Their roasting operation is based out of Santa Cruz, but their first cafe opened in Pleasure Point, California. Verve’s business model splits their components into what they refer to as “Farmlevel” and “Streetlevel.” 

The Farmlevel aspect is everything within Verve’s reach that has to do with where the coffee beans they source grow, and the farmers that grow them. Verve is conscious about climate change, and strives to tackle its effect on the coffee industry in multiple ways.

They Use Higher Quality Beans

First, they purchase heirloom coffees. These come from plants that are threatened by changing climate conditions, and unable to be used as a commercial commodity, or otherwise sold in bulk.

Verve also pays premiums for higher quality beans, and their baseline pay to the farmers they work with directly is of a higher amount than the fair trade minimum.

They Have a Nursery Project on Earth Day!

As a result, they can help benefit to a higher extent the conditions of the farmers’ lives and the crops they produce. The last and latest component of Farmlevel practices is Verve’s nursery project, which included their planting of sixty thousand coffee plants on the previous Earth Day. 

Streetlevel is where the customers and cafes come in. Verve Coffee Roasters has many locations, and each of these features the modern look of whites, woods, and classy decor, largely lit with natural light from spacious windows.

There Coffee Menu is Traditional

The beverage menu includes chai and tea, along with the main course of coffee, in forms of macchiatos, cappuccinos, lattes, mochas, americanos, espresso, and coffee available in daily selections.

The seasonal menu changes periodically, but gets creative with drinks like the Whiskey Latte, which is a latte with whiskey syrup provided by The Penny Ice Creamery.

They Serve Fresh Juice Too

The most unique offering though is quite expansive. Verve sells a wide variety of juice, available as smoothies, shots, and as a juice flight for those that want to taste the many options.

The many beverages can help wash down the food options that come in forms of granola bowls, wraps, and baked goods such as chocolate chip banana bread and donuts. 

Verve Coffee Roasters does a lot and does it with an environmental and community friendly conscience. Their locations are all around California and Japan.  


2101 Market St, San Francisco, California