Veteran’s Coffee Company – Orlando

Veterans Coffee Company

Every good company starts with a mission and as far as missions for coffee companies go, the Veterans Coffee Company has one of the best. The idea for a coffee delivery service was born at an annual breakfast with U.S. war veterans and the man they call “Chief” gave that idea a purpose.

Veteran’s Coffee Does not have a storefront at this time. They are delivery only but you will not be disappointed with their product or their service.

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The Founding Father

From serving all over the globe, these vets had fond memories of the local coffees they drank while on tour and they lamented that they were unable to savor the exotic flavors without travelling out of America. Chief saw this dilemma as an opportunity and on July 4th, 2013 the Veterans Coffee Company was founded.

Their motto “For Us, By Us, From Us” is a strong message rooted in the principles of the company. Being active in the community developing relationships with customers, operated solely by veterans for the people and delivering only the highest of service.

They Import Their Coffee

The gourmet coffee that the company provides is made for fellow Americans and they dig deeper claiming that their imported coffee creates memories of places you have yet to travel. It would stand to reason that their carefully selected beans also evoke some fond memories for vets all over the country as well.

Their Beans Are Freshly Roasted In-house on its Arrival

After learning some tricks of the trade from the best coffee brokers around, Chief and the team only choose “the finest Grade 1, fair-trade, green coffee beans”. Beans entering the country are no more than 3 days old and they roast it all themselves as soon as it arrives, creating a coffee so fresh you can still smell the air of the coffee farms it came from.

They Can Ship You a Fresh Big Directly to Your House

If that wasn’t enough their bags come with degassing valves so even if you don’t open it straight away (who are these people?) it will stay fresher for longer once it arrives via USPS (delivery only, unfortunately there is no shop to collect or drink in).

When they claim to have a range of coffee, it’s really an understatement. One look at their coffee selection tells you just how serious they are. Here is a snapshot:

– Single-Origin Coffee from Colombia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Brazil, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Honduras and Costa Rica to name a few!

– A 15 strong range of flavored coffee including the characters of German Chocolate, Whiskey and Hazelnut.

– Blended coffee, Premium coffee and Decaffeinated coffee.

Reasonably Priced Coffee

With everything other than the premium coffee coming in the $7 – 10 range, every bean having detailed pallet descriptions and their commitment to getting the full 16oz of coffee per pound, you really do get huge bang for your buck.

They Throw in Something Extra With Your Coffee

Within all this, the company still go above and beyond to provide regular insights into a world of coffee on their social media pages including information, wider reading around the coffee industry and the countries they come from, as well as fun posts such as “20+ reasons to drink coffee”, because who knew some people needed more than 1 reason?

Final Words

If for some reason you’re still think that the Veterans Coffee Company shouldn’t be your go-to delivery coffee source, it just takes a few minutes to see how much emphasis reviews put on the company being run by good people. This is really what I think makes a company stand out for customers and these guys get it.

If you want excellent service, then these guys deliver. And they deliver coffee too.


 2105 E South St, Orlando, FL 32803, United States