World of Coffee – Orlando FL

World of Coffee - Orlando FL

World of Coffee in Orlando, FL can provide you with all of the great tastes that you need, whether looking for a quick pick me up in the morning or something tasty for lunch. This little coffee shop not only provides some of the best coffee options in the city, but some great pastries and even lunch options for everyone in the family.

The Seating and Ambiance

World of Coffee offers options for both indoor and outside seating. This makes it the perfect option to enjoy any ambiance that you want, and any whether that may be going on around you. The outdoor seating includes some soft music to make sipping your coffee that much more enjoyable. This also gives more room for everyone to get in and have something tasty to drink or eat.

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The Coffee Selections

If you are looking for one of the best cups of coffee in the city, then you have to check out World of Coffee. In addition to providing a simple cup of coffee that will taste so good it puts your homemade variety to shame, you can enjoy options like chai latte, cappuccino, espresso Cubano, Café Mocha, and more. You can also choose from some delicious hot chocolate and British teas.

They Offer Tasty Treats

This little coffee shop offers a lot of different types of food other than just coffee. This makes it one of the best places to visit when you need something tasty for your lunch break. While World of Coffee makes some of the best coffee in the area, you will also enjoy the tasty pastries, pies, and other delights.

In fact, you can’t get out of there without trying some of the Turkish Delight (and if you are lucky, the owner may be there to let you sneak a taste before you buy!). If you are looking for something sweet, then the bakery part of this coffee shop is one of the best options for you.

Take a look at their wide selection of scones, Danish, Rolls, Muffins, cakes, and cheesecakes to satisfy every palette. You can choose to share, but one bite will ensure that you will want it all to yourself.

Stop in for Lunch

There are also a number of lunch items you can choose from. Look for options like Turkey and Roast Beef sandwiches, cheeseburgers (with some amazing fries on the side), Greek Salad, several types of pizzas, chicken wings and tenders and several Greek specialties including lamp or chicken Gyro.

The Owner is Friendly and Helpful

Sometimes what makes the coffee shop is the owner and this is definitely part of the case when it comes to World of Coffee in Orlando Florida. Osamah is one of the co-owners of the place and if you want someone who is caring, kind, and can help you make the hard decisions when it comes to picking out the best coffee for the morning, then Osamah is there to help.

From providing exceptional customer service to keeping the store nice and clean so you can enjoy your meal, you can’t go wrong visiting and meeting Osamah while you are there.

Final Thought

There are many little coffee shops in the Orlando, FL area but none provide the service and great eating options as World of Coffee. When you want good ambiance, good customer service, and the best coffee, check out World of Coffee today!


15533 South Apopka Vineland Road Orlando, Fl 32821, Orlando, FL