10th Muse Coffee – Asheville

10th muse coffee

Founded by Christian Watts in 2018, 10th Muse Coffee is a coffee shop and cafe that is a creative and eco-friendly force within the Asheville, North Carolina community. There are three main components that make up the 10th Muse Coffee ethos, and those are creativity, health, and being friendly to the environment.

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Creativity is Essential to this Shop

The creative aspects of 10th Muse are adapted in a plethora of ways. First, there is the store itself, and how it provides creative inspiration and accessibility.  The name of the cafe is based off of the nine creative and inspirational muses of Ancient Greek Mythology.

As the name then implies, 10th Muse plays off of this and offers a hypothetical tenth expansion to the muses in the form of coffee and food. It shares its location on London Road with a contemporary art store, London District Studios.

This shop sells quality furniture and art, but also notepads and the like that allow for people to use their own creative muse. The two businesses work well together, and the creative energy flows into the coffee shop as well.

Be Artistic While You Drink Your Coffee

The tables at 10th Muse are a fun and unique asset, as they are equipped with chalkboard surfaces. Using inspiration purely of their own, from the art and items sold at London District Studios, or from the quirky, culture-laden environment in 10th Muse’s immediate area itself, customers can exercise their creativity on these tables, and also with their beverage order.

The drink menu alone makes 10th Muse a standout coffee shop. Combining coffee, chai, various milks, and a wealth of unique flavors, 10th Muse boasts a whopping thirty-five different beverages, and encourages customers to make their own creations.

You are Encouraged To Create Your Own Drink

If a customer doesn’t like what they ordered, for any reason at all, even if they created it themselves, 10th Muse will make a different beverage free of charge. The namesake drink, called The Muse, is a white chocolate and hazelnut coffee. This drink is relatively simple compared to the others though, like “The Fat Elvis,” which is a mix of peanut butter, banana, dark chocolate, and salt.

Another drink is “The Jedi,” which combines honey, cookie butter, and vanilla. 10th Muse does not stray from nerd-culture references like this, with their French-press even being a model of R2-D2. 

This Place is Health Conscious Too

The food at 10th Muse is both gourmet and healthy. They serve bagels and muffins, but also an entire menu of different avocado toasts, popular for their size and amount of ingredients.

Health is well-promoted at 10th Muse, with customers being able to receive a $1.50 discount on their order for performing ten burpies in-store; and it is no coincidence that the store’s owner is frequently involved with Jiu-Jitsu, often promoting the art over social media.

10th Muse Cares About the Environment

Not just caring about their customers’ health, 10th Muse cares about the health of the environment. All cups are either biodegradable or recyclable and made from cornstarch for the cold-drink cups and recycled paper for the hot-drink cups. Plastic is a foreign substance at this cafe. 

With an expansive list of gourmet beverages, avocado toasts, baked items, and well-minded health and environment priorities, 10th Muse Coffee presents a respectable business.  


8 London Road, Asheville, North Carolina, 28806