4 Coffee Dessert Ideas

These days, it seems like nearly everyone, regardless of age, is obsessed with coffee. The National Coffee Association found that sixty-four percent of us drink coffee daily. While few will grow tired of a good old hot cup of Joe, there are other ways to get that much-craved coffee flavor.

#1. Coffee Candy

brazilian coffee candy

Of those who drink coffee daily, many venture out to procure java, while most will brew their own coffee at home. Clearly, even in this fast-paced world, many prefer not to have to stop at a coffee shop on the way to work, school, or whatever obligation the day takes them to.

Luckily, there are alternatives. Dry Brew is a chewable candy that provides two-thirds the amount of caffeine found in the average cup of joe. One piece contains as much pure coffee as one would get from six ounces of liquid coffee.

Each piece is made from real coffee, zero-calorie sweetener, non-dairy creamer, and has only thirty-five calories. The ingredient list for this product is much shorter than many similar options. If you want Brazilian coffee candy, this delicious treat is available worldwide!

#2. Mocha Truffles

This spherical dessert can be made with a handful of simple ingredients, including a nice Brazilian coffee. At about a hundred calories per serving, it can be added to the average diet without upping the total calorie count for the day too much. They make a great dessert for parties.

#3. Caffeinated Brownies

A spin on the classic, well-loved square treats many have enjoyed since childhood, this caffeinated version contains espresso powder and a splash of brewed coffee. They’re easy to take along wherever you go, and not quite as messy as some options.

#4. Coffee Chocolate Chip Cookies

coffee chocolate chip cookies for dessert

Another twist on a classic, these cookies incorporate instant coffee to give a bit of a caffeine buzz to whoever has the honor of tasting them.

Just about anyone can handle making these at home, and everyone loves the lingering smell of baking cookies. These would make a fantastic addition to a company party, or any event that features food.

#5. Coffee Chocolate Cake

Adding a half cup of coffee to a chocolate cake mix can elevate this delicious dessert staple to the next level, tweaking the taste so it’s not just another chocolate cake.


Whether a person drinks coffee for the taste, the buzz, or both, there are many desserts that deliver a splendid dose of coffee in an exciting and novel form.

Coffee candies are very portable and can provide the caffeine needed to get through the day. For those who just love that coffee taste and want it any time of day, there are many desserts that will not disappoint.