Axum Coffee – Orlando

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Axum Coffee is a coffee shop and cafe in Winter Garden, Florida, a suburb of the greater Orlando area. It was founded in 2010 by Mathias and Suzanna Bernal after they traveled to a city of the same name in Ethiopia.

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Inspired from a Trip to Ethiopia

The scenes of poverty and decayed living conditions that they witnessed inspired them not only to open a coffee shop, but to do so as a non-profit. All of the proceeds from Axum Coffee go to charities across the world, aiding efforts to stop abuse and benefit areas of poor conditions. Some of the proceeds go straight to Axum, Ethiopia itself. 

Beans are Currently Sourced from Cafe Imports

Axum only started roasting its own coffee beans in 2015, prior to which they sourced through other roasters. Currently, they source their beans through Cafe Imports, but are actively working toward the goal of eventually working directly with the farmers. When they achieve that goal, they look forward to paying farmers higher wages than they currently can.

Upon acquiring the beans, Axum’s head roaster, Neal Faul, puts art and science to work and uses a Probat roaster to find the peak flavor points of every batch. Despite being named after an Ethiopian city, Axum roasts beans from more places than Ethiopia, such as Guatemala, Central America, and more. 

They Offer Traditional Coffee Drinks

Axum provides its coffees in a limited form to the local YMCA and nearby markets, but in store, the options are broader. Black coffee is available in drip, french press, iced, and manual brew forms. Espresso can also be ordered straight, or in beverages such as con pannas, macchiatos, mochas, lattes, and cappuccinos.

There are Some Specialty Drinks and Tea

There are more flavorful, specialty options such as the Heavenly Toffee, or the Hazelnut-ella, which feature toffee and hazelnut flavors, respectively. Further beverages include iced, looseleaf, and chai teas, as well as Italian sodas and a handful of fruit smoothies. 

The Food Menu is Savory and Sweet

Complimenting the beverages are the many food items Axum serves, in forms of wraps, paninis, croissants, bagels, and a gourmet platter of desserts. Cookies, cakes, pies and more draw people that have a sweet-tooth into the colorful cafe.

Trying to Create a Community of Humanitarians

The walls of Axum are red, yellow, green, and white, acting as a reflection of inclusiveness. Axum Coffee not only wants to create a community of coffee-goers, but a community of people that feel inspired to give back to the world around them. One particularly easy way for a person to do this, is to simply purchase a beverage, food, or both at Axum Coffee.


146 W Plant St, Winter Garden, Florida, 34787