Costa Rican Coffee Guide – Everything You Need To Know!

Costa Rica is a small country that produces only one percent of the world’s coffee. While only a small amount of coffee comes out of this country, it is some of the finest on the planet.

Today, we will take a look at the history of coffee in Costa Rica, best Costa Rican coffee beans and brands, and how it has changed the country forever. We will also take a deeper look at why the world is so obsessed with this country’s coffee. If you want to check out coffee reviews, check out our main page.  Here we go!

5 Best Costa Rican Coffee Brands Worth Mentioning:

When the phrase “best Costa Rican coffee” is mentioned, one automatically thinks of great quality and strong flavor in a coffee. It is true that all the thoughts you have about Costa Rican Coffee is correct, and it is not a coincidence.

The reason why this reputation is true is that the people of Costa Rica are serious and take pride in their coffee, especially with their golden beans. There are many Costa Rican coffee brands in existence, and there are also those who import and sell it. We will go on and discuss three of these of Costa Rican coffee brands below:

#1. Coffee Bean Direct’s Tarrazu

The Costa Rican coffee from this company is a highly accepted coffee that grows in the Tarrazu region. It is from the coffee plant varietals Caturra and, at times, Catuai (a blend of Mundo Novo and Caturra).

This Costa Rican coffee brand has a solid reputation and produces coffee with a rich, full body. Its growing altitude ranges from 1200 to 1700 meters above sea level. Its ripe season is from December to February, and its milling process involves washing and drum drying. Its acidity is lively and bright, with an aroma that is intense and fragrant.

#2. Artifx Café Deep Cloud Forest

This particular Costa Rican coffee brand contains single origin Arabica beans from Monteverde. Its growth follows the nature on the edge of the Cloud Forest Reserve, using practices that are sustainable. It has a light, smokey aroma, and rich caramel notes.

#3. Café Rey

This Costa Rican coffee brand is 100 percent strictly gourmet coffee that is loved by the Costa Rican population. It is produced from the world renowned West Valley area of Costa Rica. It is of outstanding quality and consistency, due to its flavorful coffee beans. It has a chocolately taste and a rich, full body.

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Costa Rican Coffee Beans – Their Rich Historical Ties To The Country

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In 1779, coffee production began in Costa Rica. The region of Meseta Central was chosen for the first coffee plants, because of its rich soil. Coffee production increased over the years, but was not widely grown until 1829.

That year, coffee production was at an all-time high, and surpassed many of the other commodities grown in the country. This brought much-needed income to the country, who usually relied on other forms of agriculture, such as tobacco and sugarcane.

While these crops are still grown in the country, coffee has remained king ever since it took root in the nation. Once coffee became a major export, it gained popularity in many different regions of the world.

England, for example, used coffee exported from Costa Rica to supply their troops during World War II. This helped to change the economy of Costa Rica, and has helped the country develop into a nation based on the coffee bean.

The revenue from Costa Rican coffee beans helped to build the nation and to improve the way of life for millions of people. The nation’s first railroad that linked the country to the Atlantic was funded by coffee in 1890.

This would change the way goods came in and out of the country. Also, people could freely travel and farmers could get their crops to market much easier.

How Soil Gives The Best Costa Rican Coffee Beans Their Flavor…

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Coffee is grown in many parts of the world. But the coffee grown in Costa Rica is different than any other. You might be wondering why it matters where coffee is grown.

The answer lies in the soil. The soil in Costa Rica has a certain PH level that makes it perfect for growing coffee beans. It also helps to give the coffee grown here a special flavor that can’t be produced anywhere else.

Costa Rican coffee beans and brands typically have a rich flavor that is smooth, but still has some bite to it. Many people prefer this coffee over others, and there are many different brands of Costa Rican coffee to choose from on grocery store shelves.

Just one trip to your local grocery store, and you will see just how many there are. While the price might be higher than other brands on the shelf, Costa Rican coffee is one of the best you will have ever tasted.

Is Costa Rican Coffee Rainforest Friendly?

A lot has changed since the first coffee plants were introduced to Costa Rica. As we have already learned, coffee is now a major export of the country, and people from around the world simply love it!

The way coffee farmers grow coffee has changed for the better. New production methods are not only increasing yields, but they are also helping to save the rainforest from certain destruction.

Many of the coffee plants that are in production in Costa Rica are now grown with the environment in mind. Farmers are using different methods of planting, which do not harm the rainforest.

Shade grown coffee is encouraged, and the farmers that join the Rainforest Alliance are helping to save the planet. This method of farming does not require cutting down trees, and water management is also part of the planting cycle.

Drink Guilt Free: Free Trade Coffee At Its Finest

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We have learned that the method of growing coffee has changed in Costa Rica. We have also learned that the farmers are given incentives to grow in the shade.

In addition to shade-grown coffee, farmers are also taking part in the free trade movement. Those who grow free trade coffee and work with non-profit organizations often get more money for their beans.

This not only helps put more money in the pocket of the farmer, but overall, it helps the entire economy of the country thrive.

Two Of The Best Growing Regions In The World Exist Within Costa Rica!

Costa Rica has six separate growing regions that coffee plants thrive in. Harvest times, coffee acidity, and flavor can all be defined by each region.

Two of the regions, the West Valley region and the Tarrazu, are at the highest elevations. Coffee grown in the higher regions is more labor intensive, but it produces some of the best coffee in the world.

Coffee from the West Valley region is so highly sought after, that there is often a mad rush for the beans when they become ready for harvest.

In the Tarrazu region, companies like Starbucks have sourced Costa Rican coffee beans and use them in their blends. While you will have to pay more for these Costa Rican coffee beans, the flavor you get from them is well worth the price.

Why Is Costa Rican Coffee Highly Sought After?

If you are looking for the best Costa Rican grown coffee, it won’t take you long to find it. Major coffee companies, like Starbucks and others, use Costa Rican coffee in their blends, and they go for a premium price.

A wide range of other coffee companies have followed Starbucks, and now have Costa Rican coffee in their shops. Even some fast food companies are starting to offer Costa Rican coffee to their customers. It is no secret that this coffee is some of the best in the world!

Costa Rica has a rich history that is blended with coffee. It is one of the most successful Central American countries, thanks in part to the taste of the Costa Rican coffee beans themselves!

For hundreds of years, they have been growing rich, flavorful coffee that is highly sought after around the world. If you have never tried coffee from this region of the world, you really don’t know what you are missing! So, get out there and get yourself a cup! You will not be disappointed!