How To Choose The Best Coffee Grinder

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Nothing tastes better than coffee that is freshly ground. This is because it has all its nutrients intact, the aroma is still fresh, and all the oils are reserved.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to grinding your coffee at home or the office, then you will require the right grinding machine.

There are different coffee grinder machines on the market, but how do you select the most appropriate for your needs?

Best Burr and Manual Coffee Grinders

The Types Of Coffee Grinder

When choosing the kind of grinder to work with, there are two main categories to choose from. They are the blade, and the burr.

1. Blade Grinder

This is the right coffee grinder to purchase if you want to get fine and bolder coffee results. The grinder is equipped with a blade that hits the coffee hard to provide the required ground bean results.

The blade grinder is known for producing different fine textures of coffee, which are controlled with timing. Therefore, the more time that you grind the coffee using the blade, the finer results you will achieve and vice versa.

2. Burr Grinder

Unlike the blade grinder, the burr grinder is known for giving the best consistent coffee. It is equipped with two abrasive burrs that stay a certain space apart, according to the user’s preference.

The further the space is, the larger the grounds will be. This grinder works by crushing the coffee beans to provide the required results. It gives greater consistency, thanks to the two attached burrs that operate simultaneously.

The Material of the Coffee Grinder

Although a majority of us are familiar with coffee grinders that are made of steel, there are others which are crafted with ceramic materials.

The choice between the two elements is seen in the conductivity and durability. The steel grinders tend to heat up fast when connected to power, and they also cool down pretty quickly.

On the other hand, ceramic grinders take a longer time to heat up and cool down, but when it comes to durability, they have a longer lifespan.

The Size of the Coffee Grinder

The size of the hopper is another crucial factor you need to consider when choosing the coffee grinder of your choice.

If you plan to serve a large number of people, either in the office or at home, you will need to buy a grinder with a large sized hopper.

Check out the ounces that the different hoppers provide with each grind, to be able to select the one that suits you best.

The Price of the Coffee Grinder

The price of the grinder will determine the type, material, and also the size of the grinder hopper that you will be able to buy.

For example, a grinder that is made of ceramic parts is more expensive, as opposed to the one crafted with steel. Also, burr coffee grinders are a bit more expensive than the blade grinders.

Other features that may affect the pricing are the voltage and coffee grinder brands. If you want the guarantee of a quality product, it may be worth it to pay more, depending on reviews and how popular they are.

The Grind Settings

We all have different choices when it comes to ground coffee, where some prefer fine ground and others prefer course grounds.

To achieve all the different textures, you need a grinder that has different settings. So, check out the different grind settings available on the machine.

Conclusion for Choosing the Best Coffee Grinder!

Although you may not find the perfect coffee grinder on the market, different brands and types can help you grind tasty coffee for consumption at home or the office. Now, you can research Sumatran coffee brands and make yourself the best cuppa Joe.

Follow the above buying guide to aid you in selecting the most appropriate coffee grinder for your use. Keep in mind that the quality of the coffee grinder you choose will determine the kind of coffee grounds you get.