Better Buzz – Pacific Beach, SD

Better Buzz - Pacific Beach

Better Buzz Coffee is a coffee bean roaster and cafe located in and around San Diego, California. Established as far back as 2002, it originated not as a fully formed store, but rather as a coffee cart.

Editor’s Note: Check out Morning Hills coffee if you want to try a new brew at home. Onto Better Buzz:

The Amazing Minds Behind Better Buzz

Founders Stephanie Garden and Tim Langdon played their hands and roasted their beans to eventually blossom from a cart to a kiosk within Fashion Valley Mall, to multiple fully formed stores, with more stores gradually being established in nearby areas. 

With the acquisition of storefronts, Better Buzz has established pride in the environments it provides. They keep the decor modern and sleek, yet humble, featuring stylish wall papers and signs of coastal design, but also wooden and metal furniture. Look around and it is easily apparent that you are inside a Better Buzz Coffee cafe.

The Better Buzz Branding

The stores are also emblazoned inside and out with both the name, branding, and mottos of Better Buzz, which range from “Life’s Better Buzzed,” “It’s Time To Get Buzzed,” and “Living The Buzz Life”, among other coffee related quips. 

The essence of Better Buzz Coffee’s environment is comfort, and they seek to not only achieve this through the designs of their stores, but through quality customer service.

Efficiency, quality, and consistency are at the core of how they deliver and ensure quality customer service. Part of what goes into acting on these core values has to do with the products they serve. They seek quality not only in how they make people feel about being there, but in how they feel about what they are purchasing.

Better Buzz Thrives on Freshness

By locally roasting their own coffee beans, they ensure that the beverages they produce are entirely fresh. They roast and deliver the beans to their store locations on a weekly basis, so no beans are any older than a week at most. 

Beyond the fresh factor of the coffee, Better Buzz has more drawing details to add to their products, and that is their focus in serving organic products and being environmentally friendly as they do so.

Better Buzz Coffee is a certified Organic Coffee Roaster, and they source their coffee beans from vendors within the Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance.

Better Buzz Coffee keeps these attributes in mind and serves a wide array of items on their menu, from coffee and tea, to food, and even physical merchandise.

The Variety of Drinks at Better Buzz

The menu varies by location, as not all locations have the same features; with some being labeled as coffee bars, which do not serve the same food items as full-fledged cafes.

Their coffee menu features coffees in the forms of single origin espresso like macchiatos or lattes, ice blended coffee such as a mocha or vanilla Buzz, on tap items such as a nitro cold brew, and handcrafted beverages of many sorts.

There’s More than Just Coffee

Beyond coffee beverages they have smoothies, kombucha, and various teas. Dependent on location, their food menu could feature aa bowls, soft serve, and an array of sandwiches such as their “Grilled Turkey Pesto,” or “Almond Butter and Jam.” 

With the care to their customers and fresh and modern menu considerations, Better Buzz Coffee has thrived for seventeen years and counting.


1186 Garnet Ave., Pacific Beach, CA 92109