Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux – Orlando

Bikes, Beans & Bordeaux

Bikes, Beans and Bordeux is a coffee shop and cafe located in Orlando, Florida. It was founded in 2008 by Darrell and Jen Cunningham, with the goal of filling the void of what was missing in their local community.

There was something about the feel and faculties in a cafe that they were looking for and couldn’t quite find. As a result, they now own and operate the cafe most often referred to as B3, offering a community-cultivating and cycling-centric spin on things. CFS Coffee is another good recommendation.

A Cafe Centered Around Community and Cycling

The most prominent cycling-oriented aspect within the store is the bike in the window with the giant front wheel, otherwise known as a Penny Farthing.

Beyond the bike, there are a plethora of cycling jerseys and memorabilia along the walls, as well as artistic, scenic displays of Floridian nature, which a cyclist would be likely to see on a ride.

These are all held within a store that features tile floors, a dark ceiling, red walls, and an assortment of tables, chairs, benches, and cushioned furniture.

B3 Has Four Essential Mottos

B3 works under four mottos: B Nice, B Creative, B Fun, and B Well. These all work somewhat in unison. B Nice is enacted through B3’s charitable outreach and involvement with fellow businesses and customers.

B Fun is seen in the many events B3 hosts, such as free beer tastings, and live music, which itself falls under their B Creative motto, also joined by the art from local artists adorning the cafe’s walls.

Everything at B3 is Environmentally Friendly

Though all of these are of equal priority, B Well is the most thoroughly realized.  Biking is a healthy activity to promote, but B3 also exercises wellness through their food and drink offerings and their environmentally friendly efforts. Everything at B3 is recyclable or biodegradable, mostly made from recycled paper and sugar corn.

They Offer a Healthy Selection of Eats

Despite selling beer and wine, B3 offers vegan wraps, toasts, and sandwiches loaded with fresh vegetables, which also make their way into their smoothies. Mixed with other healthy ingredients, B3’s smoothies are the most health-oriented items, such as in the Iron Man, which simply mixes honey, yogurt, banana, and peanut butter.

Their Coffee is Also on the Healthy Side

B3’s coffee is from Jittery Joe’s Coffee and Espresso and is served in options devoid of the syrups that make coffee occasionally unhealthy. Instead there are simple espressos, americanos, lattes, cappuccinos, and drip coffee.

The beverage menu is rounded-out by kombucha, tea, and bottled juices and water.  Whether you have a passion for cycling, health, the community, or all of the above, try out Bikes, Bean and Bordeaux.  


3022 Corrine Dr, Orlando, Florida, 32803