Black Ivory Coffee Guide – What Is It & Should You Try It?

Everyone seems to be talking about elephant poop coffee, commonly referred to as black ivory coffee. If you haven’t had a taste yet, then you are probably wondering whether it is as good as advertised.

Well, let us take a closer look at everything you need to know about black ivory coffee. If you’ve got a curious mind, we also have a cat poop coffee guide we just published, NO JOKE!

is black ivory coffee good

Origin Of Black Ivory Coffee

Let us first start by mentioning that this coffee was initially produced at the Golden Triangle Elephant Foundation in Asia, by the Black Ivory Coffee Co. Ltd. The Elephant Foundation is a refugee camp that takes care of rescued elephants in the region.

The main idea behind the production of elephant poop coffee was to transform the human-elephant conflict in the region into a positive situation. During this time, humans and elephants were constantly in conflict over trespassing and the destruction of farms.

The Golden Triangle Elephant Foundation, therefore, came up with a way of creating a unique product that doesn’t harm the elephants in any way. Also, the luxury coffee was intended to drive funds towards the elephant foundation.

However, the Black Ivory company doesn’t produce this luxury coffee at the foundation anymore. The good news is that eight percent of the proceeds are donated to the elephant foundation. The money is used to fund the health care of the rescued elephants, which is a great thing.

What’s Special About Elephant Poop Coffee?

You probably know that all coffee is fermented, at some point, after harvesting. The specialty coffee types are further fermented to add distinctive aromas and flavors.

What sets the elephant poop coffee apart from the rest of the specialty coffee is that the fermentation process happens within the stomach of the elephant.

During the digestion process, a lot of enzymes speed up the fermentation of the coffee beans. The symbiotic microorganisms will help break down the carbohydrates and proteins into smaller molecules.

The elephant will only digest the pulp, but won’t fully break down the coffee beans themselves. The digestive system of the elephants will, therefore, alter the beans in a few ways.

What this means is that what goes in is not what comes out through the elephant poop. The whole buzz about elephant poop coffee is the unique and sweet taste that is brought about by the digestion process.

How Are Coffee Beans Changed During Digestion?

The digestive juices will make their way through the husk and into the beans. The juices will then break down chemical compounds within the bean, such as proteins.

The byproducts after the process will leech out into the animal. However, the external structure of the coffee bean will not be altered.

You will, therefore, enjoy a strong cup of coffee from the unaltered beans. Most people prefer consuming this coffee without additives, like sugar and milk. Experts will tell you that drinking this coffee black will ensure that you will savor every sip.

Benefits Of Black Ivory Coffee

You are probably wondering whether elephant poop coffee has any special benefits. Well, below are some of the benefits of black ivory coffee.

Lower Caffeine Content

Elephant poop coffee has a lower caffeine content, due to the digestion process. You can, therefore, enjoy the natural and smooth energy boost of this specialty coffee without the crash afterwards.

That’s because this coffee has almost half the caffeine content as ordinary cups. The good news is that you still get a rich taste that is very impressive.

Easy To Digest

With black ivory coffee, all the compounds that our bodies struggle to digest are already broken down by the elephant’s digestive system. Therefore, your digestive system will find it much easier to break down the compounds within this coffee.

Many Health Benefits

Elephant poop coffee includes a lot of health benefits, including brain-boosting, energy-boosting, and disease-fighting properties. A cup of black ivory coffee includes malic acid, citric acid, and inositol, which all help to achieve all the listed benefits.

Is It Safe For The Elephants?

According to veterinary tests, the consumption of coffee cherries does not have adverse effects on the elephants. However, note that an elephant will have to consume about 36 pounds of the cherries to produce a pound of the final product.

The good news is that the caffeine doesn’t get absorbed into the elephant’s digestive system. What this means is that the elephant will not experience any effects of high caffeine consumption. You can rest easy knowing that elephant poop coffee production is safe for the elephants.

It is also worth considering that a percentage of the sales get directed towards helping rescued elephants. Spending a few dollars on this specialty coffee means that you get to help protect this wonderful creature.

What Customers Are Saying About Elephant Poop Coffee

There is nothing but positive reviews about black ivory coffee. Many customers who have tasted this product have found it quite satisfactory.

Some customers say that the coffee tastes amazing, and that the smell of the chocolate is distinctive while grinding the beans. It provided an amazing and enjoyable experience.

Others could smell the sweet tones when brewing the black ivory coffee. The flavor had chocolatey tones and a fruity taste. The entire experience is smooth with no after taste.

Mahout’s Blend By Black Ivory Coffee Company

Elephant poop coffee is the most expensive coffee in the world, surpassing Kopi Luwak. This particular blend is a mix of elephant poop coffee and arabica beans from Thailand.

Mahouts are people who work with elephants, providing their bathing, feed, and general care. They have been working with them for a long time, developing a bond with these beautiful creatures.

The sales from this coffee benefits children from high schools and villages in Surin (Thailand), since they help to wash and process the coffee beans.

The coffee is more tea-like than normal coffee, with tasting notes of chocolate, grass, limes, and dried dates.

You will enjoy every sip of black ivory coffee, due to its total absence of bitterness. Ensure that you brew your elephant poop coffee with family and friends for a more memorable experience.