Where Can You Buy Ethiopian Coffee K-Cups?

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Imagine that you are a coffee enthusiast who is traveling to Ethiopia to enjoy the different types of coffee beans that are grown there. You have heard that Ethiopia is the originator for great coffee.

It is where coffee beans are high-grown, either through the washed or dry method, and then enjoyed throughout the land. If you want your own cup of Ethiopian coffee goodness, then the Ethiopian K-cup may work best for you. To learn about various Ethiopian coffee types, click on our guide.

These are different types of Ethiopian coffees in a cup that you place into coffee makers, like Keurig, and brew just a cup for yourself.

Your K-cup will give you the enjoyment of a full-bodied cup of Ethiopian coffee, no matter what kind you choose. There are different types of K-cups, like Yirgacheffe, Harrar, and other brands of Ethiopian coffee.

Where Can I Purchase Ethiopian K-Cups?

You can get K-cups online at stores like Amazon, Target, and other shops. Also, Starbucks offers Ethiopian cups for your enjoyment.

A great thing to do is to google and call around to find the best place for buying your Ethiopian K-cups. If there is an Ethiopian shop in your city, then that will be a great place to start shopping.

Also, international food markets will help you with purchasing Ethiopian K-cups for your single cup of coffee enjoyment.

What Is The Cost Of Ethiopian K-Cups?

The cost of your Ethiopian K-cup will vary, depending upon the type of coffee you purchase. If you are purchasing a Yirgacheffe K-cup, in contrast to the Harrar one, the cost will be more. You can expect to purchase your Ethiopian K-cups for about 75 cents each, sometimes more.

How Will I Know If It Is Authentic Ethiopian Coffee?

There should be something on the top of the Ethiopian K-cup box that tells you that you are drinking one hundred percent Ethiopian coffee. If this is missing on the label, make sure and ask the store clerk so that you will know that you are drinking pure Ethiopian coffee.


As always, do your homework when inquiring about Ethiopian K-cups. You may want to visit some of the stores in your area to see the best deals.

Visit a coffee shop that offers Ethiopian K-cups, so you can make sure to find out more about what is really included, whether it’s a blend or pure. Depending on the price, you may have to go for a blend, but is that necessarily a bad thing?

You will need a special coffee maker, like a Keurig, to place your Ethiopian K-cup inside of to start brewing a fresh cup of coffee. Take the time to shop for the right kind of Ethiopian K-cup that suits your taste.

Remember, for the chocolate lovers out there, there are Yirgacheffe K-cups. For the coffee lover who loves spices, you may want the Harrar K-cup.

There are all types of brands of Ethiopian coffee that you can enjoy within a K-cup. Once you find your special Ethiopian K-cup for the flavor you want, you can sit back and enjoy a piece of southern Ethiopia.