Caffe Umbria – Portland OR

Caffe Umbria.

If you want artisanal blended Italian coffee, then you should visit Caffè Umbria. Initially, this family-owned franchise began in Seattle, Washington, but has since flourished to other states, including Illinois and Oregon. In particular, Caffè Umbria has three locations in the Portland area.

Each cafe there brings their unique twist to everybody craving specialty coffee. Umbria’s well crafted and inspiring website has plenty for the coffee entrepreneur to enjoy, from a great coffee blog to an online shop that allows you to buy their coffee beans by the cup, or wholesale, and a gift store for caffeine fans.

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What You’ll Find At Caffè Umbria Locations

Since they have three very unique locations in Portland, I’ll list everything that they offer, and follow up with recommendations based on Portland community reviews.

The Pearl District Cafè

When you walk in, expect a modern looking coffee bar with baristas making Italian espresso drinks. The interior and exterior is exceptionally stylish and inviting. There are plenty of tables to use for working, too. The stores have a tasty variety of custom drinks that they offer seasonally, and they have drip coffee available.

You can purchase Caffè Umbria branded coffee blends here, and the baristas will even ground them to your liking. The staff is extremely friendly to people coming in, and are highly rated.

For food, you can expect locally sourced pastries, sandwiches, soups, and pasta. In the evenings, this Cafè also serves beer and wine.

The Madison Cafè

Caffè Umbria wanted to make a statement with this coffee shop. Expect high ceilings and neo-rustic flairs inside. The blue hues there are meant to accentuate the sunlight, producing a fantastic atmosphere. Baristas there will be working on a metal and wood bar, providing the same type of drinks and foods at the Pearl District shop.

This location has a great staff as well, and the owner of the shop is very responsive on Google reviews, which is a plus. The crowd favorite at this shop is the pastries they serve. If you want a grand, posh atmosphere with your coffee, this is the place to go.

The Market Cafè

This shop is the newest in the Portland Caffè Umbria lineup. The atmosphere at this store is cozy and spacious, with an exclusive seating area located outside. In fact, almost all of the seating is outdoors. Don’t worry about bad weather, as it is partially covered and heated for use all year round.

To contrast with the warm glow of the heat lamps outside, the interior is a color of warm woody browns and greens. Inside, you’ll find baristas making all of Caffè Umbria’s Italian espresso specialties, thanks to the addition of their La Marzocco Strada machine. They serve seasonal drinks, breakfast items, and lunches too.

All the Locations Serve Highly Rated Italian Espressos

Truthfully, I based my recommendations on general needs. Keep in mind that every single location serves highly rated Italian espressos, so coffee isn’t the issue at all.

With that in mind, I recommend the Market Cafè for dates because it’s the newest shop in the Caffè Umbria line, and because of its literally-warm atmosphere.

For business and work, you’ll feel inspired at The Madison Cafè because of it’s rustic feel and high ceilings. For casual hangouts, Pearl District Cafè should be your top choice. It’s also great if you just wanted an excellent espresso without too much atmosphere.

Caffè Umbria certainly deserves praise for making their coffee shops so unique while keeping true to their traditional Italian brand.

Pearl District Cafè 303 NW 12th Avenue Portland, Oregon 97209

Madison Cafè 710 SW Madison Street Portland, OR 97205

Market Cafè 200 SW Market St. Suite P 106 Portland OR 97201