Califia Farms

flavored nitro coffee

Califia Farms is recognized as a leading brand globally, producing natural products in the coffee drinks industry. The farm remains as a leader in creating innovative and healthy premium beverages.

Califia Farms nitro coffee is among the products making it easy for consumers to attain easily. They also offer dairy-free products, relying on plant-based products.

About Califia Farms

Califia Farms is among the fastest growing natural beverage company in the U.S. The company draws its inspiration from the bounty of California, and the company’s muse, Queen Califia.

The company blends innovation and creativity to come up with plant-based beverages. They have employees who have specialized skills to craft a wide assortment of delicious plant-based products, which includes cold brew coffees, dairy free creamers, and probiotic products.

The company has an office in Los Angeles, and its biggest market is in the U.S. However, they offers free shipping for most of their orders.

Califia has focused on reducing sugar levels in all of their products. Since 2014, Califia Farms has achieved about 57% sugar reduction in its products, processed from real ingredients. Another distinct feature about the company is their curvy bottles.

Greg Steltenpohl, founder of the company, lays great emphasis on the topic about either criticizing the food industry, or coming up with a product that is distinct, unique, and delicious.

The founder is renowned for drawing his inspiration from the legend of Califia, referred to as the “Spirit of California” in the modern day.

Califia’s Nitro Cold Brew

The company’s nitro cold brew coffee is crafted with arabica beans. The beans are custom roasted by the employees of the farm to produce a smooth-tasting brew that makes the coffee distinct. Their cold brew coffee is a brand that presents a perfect blend of flavors.

The coffee is perfectly charged with nitrogen to give it a creamy, smooth taste. The nitrogen bubbles become smaller than carbon dioxide bubbles, thus making it difficult for the nitrogen in the coffee to dissolve in water.

This leads to the coffee beverage becoming thicker. However, the nitro cold brew retains its delicious taste, a clear expression of the company’s endless quest for perfection.

Califia Farms boasts of mastering the art and knowledge of brewing nitro coffee all throughout the year. In addition, the brew comes in various flavors to suit the tastes of different coffee connoisseurs.

Other Products Made By Califia Farms

Some of the other products made by Califia Farms include: Black & White Cold Brew, XX Espresso Cold Brew, Pure Black Cold Brew, and Mocha Cold Brew.

They also sell dairy free yogurts, citrus juices, plant milks, dairy free creamers, and seasonal offerings. Their iced coffees are all gluten free, non-GMO, free of carrageenan, soy free, dairy free, and vegan!


With nitro cold brew being among the great products of Califia Farms, it’s quite evident that the company maintains the artistic knowledge to make tasteful coffee that will kick start your day on a high note.

You wouldn’t have to take the time out to brew your own coffee on a busy morning. You could just pour and go!