Cascadia Coffee Pub – Portland

Cascadia Coffee Pub

Jason and Susan Thomas own Cascadia Coffee Roasters. They launched the business in 2015. Jason takes responsibility for the coffee roasting, and Susan concentrates on running the two coffee shops. These two outlets are Coffee Time and Cascadia Coffee. This article is about Cascadia Coffee.

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Their Cold Brew Is Their Claim To Fame

In 2017 Cascadia’s cold brew recipe began to grow in popularity. A result of this was that Cascadia entered into a partnership with Maletis Beverages.

Maletis Beverages are one of the biggest distributors of beverages in the Pacific Northwest.

This deal led to Cascadia’s cold brew to be available in over 160 outlets. The company also offers a wholesale service for local cafes, restaurants, and bakeries.

Their Beverage Menu Offers Coffee, Beers, Wines & Cocktails

This outlet serves its specialty coffees. They also offer ten craft beers on tap, some local wines, and a small range of cocktails. The Coffee Pub also has a variety of tea from The Jasmine Pearl Tea Company. There is something for everyone.

Their Breakfast and Lunch Menu Has Classic

Cascadia offers breakfast and lunchtime sandwiches that are made on the premises. They also serve locally produced Spielman bagels, pastries from another local source Gabriel’s Bakery, and gluten-free treats from the New Cascadia Bakery.

They Offer a Huge Range of Coffee Selections

Here is a list of some of the delicious coffees they serve. Some of their roasts come from Africa, South America, Central America and North America. If you do not know anything about coffee feel free to ask an employee and they will be happy to tell you about it.

Bourbon Barrel Aged

These Ethiopian beans are aged with a barrel from Bull Run Distilling. They have a hint of oak and bourbon with just a tiny dash of berry. The beans are both fair-trade and organic. (no alcoholic content).

Ethiopia Sidamo

These beans come from an organic washing station where beans are left out to dry naturally. It has hints of Caramel, Milk Chocolate, and Blueberry. The bean is roasted as a medium roast.

Vista Trail Blend

This dual origin blend is a lightly roasted coffee with a tinge of walnut, light molasses, and a touch of citrus.

Guatemala Tikal Cooperative

This medium blend from Guatemala has a slight flavor of apple, orange peel, and chocolate. It is sourced in multi-regions.

Mountain Sunrise Signature blend

This South American and African blend has a tinge of Berry and bittersweet chocolate. It is dried by both mechanical and patio methods and is a medium roast.

Costa Rica Santa Elena Estate

A light roast with a tinge of honey, peanut, and clean acidity. It is 60% Caturra and 10% Typica. It is a washed and pulped natural honey.


This product is a medium roast that is sugar cane processed. It has hints of orange and has a bright acidity.

The Ambiance of the Cafe

The cafe itself has a functional look with olive green and brown walls. With windows on two of the walls, it is a bright room. It has a long central table with stools on two sides and sofas in the corner. Along the window are small tables.

Behind the counter along the back wall are a run of beer taps and large chalk menu boards. Further along, the bar is a glass food covering inside, which is a range of foods. On the wall behind that is a row of different wine bottles. The outside is a functional brick, modern look with dark-colored window frames.

Cascadia Coffee Pub is a beautiful combination of bar and coffee shop serving cold brew coffee. Not quite so strong a food offering as other locations but enough to stop you going hungry.


2010 NW Front ave Portland Oregon