Cathedral Coffee – Portland

Cathedral Coffee

In 2013, Austin and Torrie Tanner opened the doors to the first location of their coffee shop and cafe, Cathedral Coffee. In June of 2016, they opened a second location closer to where they live.

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2 Amazing Locations in Portland

The second keeps the name consistent, despite the name having in part been chosen due to the area the first cafe can be found, which is near St. John’s Bridge in Portland, Oregon. 

Fitting the tone of the name, Cathedral Coffee is all about community and hospitality. As a coffee shop that would rather refer to people as friends rather than customers, Cathedral consistently strives to provide its patrons with comfort and joy.

Has a Welcoming Atmosphere

The first method this is achieved through is the design of the store. A vast majority of Cathedral’s contents are wooden and welcoming. The floors, the ceilings, the wall spanning bookshelf, the window frames and a majority of the other walls, many of the tables and chairs, so much of it is made of wood; but better yet, the wood is special.

Cathedral Coffee is involved in a lot of good practices, but even the shop itself is made well-mindedly, because almost everything is made of reclaimed materials. This expands even further to the mugs and other utensils. 

The tables come in many forms, including long rectangular, communal tables, and individual or small group tables that are round or square. Scattered throughout are comfortable leather couches and chairs that are perfect for taking advantage of the books on hand.

They Encourage You to Stay and Read

Customers are encouraged to hang out and read, and are able to do so for long periods with the store’s hours extending all the way until 10:00 p.m. The interior is well-lit with the inclusion of the many windows and glass garage doors that let in natural light; and a similar mood is set by the wall that is covered with a mural of a cathedral bathed in colorful light. 

Cathedral Coffee cares about its community, and actively associates with it. Live music from acoustic singer-songwriters are frequent events, and Cathedral partners with local businesses for its ingredients and coffee.

It’s a Non Profit Roaster

The latter is sourced from Proud Mary Coffee Roasters and Tanager Coffee Roasters. Tanager shares many of Cathredal’s ideals, as they are a non-profit roaster that gives fifty percent of its profits to the community.

With their sustainably acquired roasts, Cathedral crafts quality beverages such as espresso, mochas, lattes, cappuccinos, and macchiatos, along with addable flavors and milks to customize them in almost every conceivable way. A couple of the more unique beverages are the activated-charcoal mocha and house-made root beer.

Offering More than Just Coffee

With the other locally sourced products and ingredients, they supply chai lattes and various loose-leaf teas from Townshend’s Tea Company, as well as a wealth of food fit for any meal of the day. Some of these include brunch bowls, salads, biscuits and gravy, sandwiches, cookies, and much more.

Cathedral Coffee strives to provide something for everyone, and foster smiles when they do so. It is a comfortable place to relax, and doing so is highly encouraged.


7530 N Willamette Blvd, or 33555 N Columbia Ave in Portland OR