Examples Of Candies Made With Real Coffee Vs Those That Aren’t

If you are a coffee addict, but can’t carry a hot cup of java with you at all times, then coffee candies may be the way to go.

They’re convenient, taste great, and the ones with real coffee will still give you that nice hit of caffeine you need to face the day.

Coffee candy comes in many shapes and sizes; some are filled with real coffee, and some are merely flavored. Below are some of the most popular candies, some with real coffee and pure ingredients.

peppermint coffee with chocolate

#1. Kopiko

Made from real coffee, Kopiko candies (originally made in Indonesia) are individually wrapped and include both coffee, and coffee flavoring to give it a more delicious taste. 4-5 pieces are equivalent to a cup of coffee.

#2. Bali’s Best

Bali’s coffee candies are also individually wrapped and are made with real Sumatran coffee, originating from the island of Sumatra.

Bali’s boasts that it is 100 percent natural, with no high-fructose corn syrup, no artificial flavors or colors, and no preservatives, which makes them as healthy as a candy can get.

Bali’s has been described as “rich, creamy and smooth,” as well as having “a rich and intense flavor.”

#3. Coffee Rio Original Roast Gourmet Candy

Coffee Rio’s Original Roast are coffee caramel candies that are crafted from fresh dairy cream, milk, and real coffee.

The outside of the candy is hard, and on the inside is chewy caramel. There are also no artificial flavors in this coffee candy.

#4. Brazilian Coffee Candy

These candies are hard and made with real Brazilian coffee. They also boast of being gluten free. However, Brazilian Coffee Candy is also made with corn syrup, so it’s not as “healthy” as others. 6-7 pieces equal a cup of coffee.

#5. Bali’s Best Espresso Candy

Bali’s Best Espresso is a hard candy, with the center being filled with real coffee. It is all-natural and individually wrapped.

They are made with unhydrogenated coconut oil, milk powder, cane sugar, and other ingredients, which are not the most pure, but they are still very tasty. However, they’re very low in caffeine and would be more suited for those who just want a coffee taste.

#6. Werther’s Original

Werther’s Original are made with coffee flavoring and swirled with caramel, all into a hard candy. Individually wrapped, these are made with coffee extract, not real coffee.

All in all, this is a good selection and should feed your coffee craving when you need a fix.