Ingredients In Typical Coffee Candies

Coffee candy is a relatively old product, but many coffee lovers are still unfamiliar with it. It is a great treat for coffee lovers who want to experience that bold, rich taste of coffee, but are unable to drink it, for whatever reason.

What Is In Coffee Candy?

Coffee candies come in a variety of flavors and brands, and most are made with real coffee. Most of them share the same basic ingredients: coffee extract, corn syrup, vegetable oil, dairy cream, and natural or artificial coloring.

Dependent on the brand of your coffee candy, there may be some more ingredients and flavoring, especially if you picked a vanilla or caramel flavored candy. Other companies who make coffee candies may include more pure ingredients, like butter and sugar.

Several companies have come out with their own coffee candies, and even latte or espresso candies as well. Depending of how you like your coffee, there is definitely a candy brand for you. Some of the most popular coffee candy brands are Coffee Rio, Bali’s Best, and the classic Coffee Prims.

These major coffee brands cover most coffee lovers’ tastes, from black all the way to espresso and other flavorful brews like Brazilian coffee candy.

brazilian coffee candy

Great Coffee Candy Brands:

#1. Coffee Prims

Coffee Prims are a classic coffee candy. They are a flavorful brand, and taste just like a classic cup of coffee, without flavorful creamers. These are a rectangular candy that come in a simple foil packaging. This is a great coffee candy choice for coffee lovers who appreciate a black cup of hot coffee, without any of the complexity or extravagance of coffee shops and seasonal flavors.

#2. Bali’s Best

Bali’s Best are coffee candies with coffee variety in mind. This company makes a traditional coffee candy, as well as latte and espresso flavors as well.

Bali’s coffee candy is a traditional, medium roast coffee flavor. It is not overwhelming, and is great for your average coffee lover. The espresso and latte have a bolder taste than the regular coffee candy, and is great for strong coffee lovers.

#3. Coffee Rio

Lastly, Coffee Rio is a great candy for anyone who loves having a variety of candy flavors to choose from. Coffee Rio makes all kinds of flavored coffee candies, like vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel.

They even have different coffee blends as candies, in case you prefer the bolder taste of Kona coffee, or prefer a more mild Arabica blend. They also have latte and espresso candies as well.

The highly favored latte candy has the perfect balance of cream to coffee and sweetness, making it a coffee delight, without the high price of a latte or a trip to the coffee shop.


There are a variety of coffee candies available on the market that cater to a lot of taste and flavor preferences. All coffee lovers can rejoice, as their favorite blends and flavors are made into yummy pieces of candies.