The Dragonfly Coffee House

The Dragonfly Coffee House

The Dragonfly Coffee House is a coffee shop and cafe located in the Northwest region of Portland, Oregon. The neighborhood that it resides in is vital not only to its business, but to its character. If you want to learn about micro lot coffee, check out our dedicated article here.

Who Founded The Dragonfly Coffee House?

Founded in 2005 by Erin Timmins, The Dragonfly Coffee House has been building relationships and dishing out food, drinks, and a comfortable atmosphere ever since. 

At the heart of The Dragonfly is the people, customers and staff alike. The cafe touts that it will know your “usual” order and name in no time, as it frequently makes regulars out of its customers. Helping in this is the characteristics surrounding its staff.

Top Notch Staff & Customer Service

At The Dragonfly, staff is both low in number and heavily involved. This is said in no negative light, and in fact, the staff given a place in the limelight of the business’s website, where each member is given space for a biographical piece. The Dragonfly holds well-deserved pride in how it treats its staff and customers. 

Fittingly, its familial relations extend to the environment inside the store. The interior is nothing pretentious. Lighthearted and comfortable, The Dragonfly Coffee Shop is covered in chalky, light and warm colors, like baby blue and maroon red.

It Has a Living Room Vibe

What isn’t painted is largely wooden, such as the walls, floors, counter, and some furniture. Most of the furniture, however, consists of cozy couches and cushioned chairs, which aids the overall “living-room” feel of the place.

The decor is significant in multiple ways. There are artistic, mystical items scattered throughout, such as golden Buddhas and dragonfly sculptures, which help The Dragonfly create a feel that is uniquely its own.

A Huge Supporter of Local Artists

Furthermore, there are art pieces and paintings decorating its walls inside the store and in its online art gallery. The Dragonfly features artistic products of both its staff and customers and occasionally auctions them off, not only to the benefit of the artists, but to the ever-changing appeal of the store. 

The final non-edible facet found in the Dragonfly is the occasional concert and open-mic night, where musical talents can provide entertainment while customers enjoy coffee and treats.

100% Dedicated to the Environment

The Dragonfly is committed to environmentally-friendly efforts, encouraging its employees to walk or bike to work, and also by sourcing its ingredients from sustainably-focused providers. Using these ingredients, The Dragonfly crafts pastries such as vegan breakfast bars, Kahlua cake, cardamom apple cake, and date bars.

Quality Crafted Drinks, Gluten Free Options & Local Art

Broadening its consideration for customers, there are also gluten free pastries such as pear pumpkin muffins, cherry orange energy bars, almond butter bliss buckets, and more.

For beverages, they offer their own teas in forms of chai and matcha lattes, as well as those from the local Jasmine Pearl Teas; and, of course, coffee. All with an espresso based nature, The Dragonfly deals drinks that are quality crafted but as familiar as their relationships with customers.

These consist of americanos, mochas, lattes, cappuccinos, and the “Shot in the Dark,” which is drip coffee with an extra shot of espresso.  Whether you are in search of comfort, coffee, or are curious about art, The Dragonfly Coffee Shop can treat you to all.


2387 Thurman St, Portland, Oregon, 97210.