Farmer Horse Coffee – Boston

Farmer Horse Coffee

Tucked away in the Back Bay area of Boston, MA is this little gem of a coffee joint. Farmer Horse Coffee first opened its doors in 2011, and since then they have offered a miniature haven in the heart of the city.

Less than one mile from Fenway Park and only 200 feet from the Orange Line, Farmer Horse is in a prime time location therefore an essential hub for tourists.

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A Coffee Shop With Strong Ties To Ethiopia

The owners and proprietors, Mo Farah and Kassegn Sirmollo, have strong links to the Ethiopian coffee trade and set out to bring its bold flavors and ethical trading to Boston.  Farmer Horse Coffee’s specialty is the Yirgacheffe bean, which has been described as “the best in all of Ethiopia.”

Their Food and Drink Menu Has Something For Everyone

Their menu is wonderfully varied, so there is something to suit all tastes. If it is breakfast, lunch sandwiches, bagels or muffins, their selection of comestibles should satisfy all appetites. And when it comes to beverages, whether it’s coffee, tea, iced or piping hot, you’ll find something to tease your palate.

Stay For A Cozy Visit, Try Their Takeout or Ask For A Delivery

The establishment itself seats around twenty-five customers and is therefore perfect for an intimate rendezvous. But it’s a fast-moving setting too, with a speedy take-out options for those in a hurry. Delivery options are also available, so it couldn’t be more convenient!

It’s A Popular Spot For Students To Dine In and Get Some Work Done

A friendly, welcoming atmosphere coupled with an inspired decor of local art make this a perfect location to settle in and get creative. Wi-Fi is available, so Farmer Horse Coffee is naturally a popular venue for students looking for somewhere to meet, chat and get work done.

They Offer Great Incentives For Frequent Visits

The proprietors are all about establishing a caffeine-centric community, hence the rewards they offer loyal customers. A free coffee is guaranteed for every nine purchased, so there is plenty of added incentive for a return visit. 

Their Coffee Is Sourced From All Over the World

Though their specialty is the delicious, robust Ethiopian coffee, the team at Farmer Horse Coffee also offers a whole host of different blends and flavors from all over the world. Likewise, their freshly baked pastries are by no means the only thing on the menu.

The Menu Has Vegetarian Options

They offer an array of vegetarian-friendly menu options. It really is the perfect way to start your morning, as well as providing an exciting alternative to the ubiquitous chain coffee establishments. 

The Baristas Are Always Happy and They Promote and Encourage Creativity

From the walls on which customers are encouraged to doodle to the cheery badinage of the baristas, the team at Farmer Horse Coffee are determined to offer something a little different each step of the way.

In the comparatively short space of time it has been operating, this tiny little place has left an indelible mark on the coffee shop scene in Boston.

It has attracted a loyal customer base and a raft of positive reviews. It’s unique, it’s bijou and it’s crammed with character.

For menu enquiries, or any other queries you might have, the contact number is 617-982-7183. But really, the best idea is to pay them a visit.


 374 Massachusetts Ave., Symphony, Boston.