Fluid Coffee Bar – Denver CO

Fluid Coffee Bar

Fluid Coffee Bar is a coffee shop and cafe located in Denver, Colorado. It is owner by Jeff Aitken, and is most widely renown for its community-oriented facets. There are two locations of Fluid Coffee Bar. You can find the top Costa Rican coffee brands here.

There Are 2 Locations Serving Denver

The original is in the Uptown area of Denver, and in 2016, a smaller version opened in Downtown, though the amenities are much the same. Even the structure of Fluid Coffee Bar is prime for community gatherings, with one of, if not the most standout trait being the tucked-away meeting room.

The Uptown Location Offers A Meeting Room to Rent Per Hour

Here, any and all customers are welcome to rent the space on a per-hour basis, and host events of any sort. Fluid Coffee Bar presents a unique and likable place for doing so, too.

The interior is elegant, but cozy, equipped not only with furniture of normal and cushioned varieties to satisfy all lounging desires, but even with a fireplace.

It’s a Communal Environment Serving Delicious Beverages

Walls of multiple pastel colors and unique carpets fill the place, and the local arts community is represented through the featured art hung amidst these. Besides the communal environment, customers certainly attend the cafe for its purveyance of goods.

They Offer Cold Brew

The coffee is provided by Novo Coffee, and can be enjoyed in forms of lattes, mochas, espresso, drip coffee, and more. Where coffee is concerned, Novo actually makes one item that is their own: cold brew. Novo pours its 24-hour brew from a nitrogen tap. It’s said to be nice & creamy.

Their Food Items are Locally Sourced

Fluid makes their own chai as well, but other teas are provided by Teatulia. Food is provided as either take-and-go snacks from the fridge, or heated via panini-press, and these options range from Share Good Food and Etai sandwiches to Del Mar burritos.

Accompanying these are pastries, provided fresh every day by Bluepoint Bakery. While all of these options deserve attention, Fluid Coffee Bar selects a different neighbor of theirs to be featured on their website each month, but more importantly, they select different environmentally friendly businesses to be the recipients of a given year’s Fluid Sustainability program.

Fluid Coffee Bar is Eco-Friendly and Community Friendly

With this, certain items and products within Fluid Coffee Bar contribute five cents per sale to the recipients. Further eco-friendly efforts can be exhibited through the sale of Fluid’s mugs that can both be recycled and are made of prior-recycled materials.

Fluid Coffee Bar has the community at large in mind with every aspect of its business. Whether you want to set up a meeting in their cozy space, or enjoy local Denver products, visit Fluid Coffee Bar has everything you need.


501 E 19th Ave, or 1667 Stout St, Denver, Colorado