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Fresh Roasted Coffee, LLC’s story began in 2009 when Founder and President, Andrew Oakes, curated a line of organically grown and processed coffee products. With a commitment to providing only high-quality and organic products, Fresh Roasted Coffee has risen to become an award-winning enterprise in a vastly demanding and competitive market.

In order to appreciate the culture of this thriving company, Jiale Coffee is taking a look behind the scenes will give a broader view of how their various coffee products came to be a choice for their customers.

Fresh Roasted Coffee offers more than just typical roasts and strengths. Their coffees are carefully selected from various origins around the world.

Customers have the option to select organic coffee from South America, Africa, or the Indo Pacific regions. Each crafted coffee has its own uniqueness and quality.

Fresh Roasted Coffee, LLC can appreciate the uniqueness of these coffees, because they have traveled and seen their origins.

They have gotten a taste of the culture of some of these countries, and have an understanding of what they are bringing to the table.

Fresh Roasted Coffee, LLC Produces Specialty Organic Coffee

One of their many bestselling coffees is called Costa Rican Tarrazu. This coffee consists of “caturra” and “cataui” varieties.

These two varieties require extensive care and fertilization in order to obtain high quality. The farmers in Costa Rica are granted medical insurance, housing, and transportation. They are also provided with other benefits during the growing, harvesting, and processing seasons.

Another notable favorite is called Organic Bali Blue Moon. This coffee originates in Kintamani Highlands, Bali. This bold, medium roast coffee from Bali, Indonesia contains notes of a rich chocolate flavor, with an earthy finish.

The government has strict practices in place for their farmers. It is illegal to use pesticides, or any other chemicals on their crops.

These restrictions have helped in the continued growth of their economy, and have made purchasing coffee from Bali a reliable choice for providing quality organic coffee.

For the select customers that enjoy a very bold and dark roast, there is the Octane Italian Roast. This exclusive, artisan blend offers a woody and smoky flavor, with a hint of baker’s chocolate. Octane Italian Roast offers more than a quick pick-me-up.

Does Fresh Roasted Coffee LLC Also Produce Specialty Organic Tea?!

Hell yes!

While coffee seems to be the main ingredient that keeps this company moving up in the ranks, there are also a variety of organic teas available.

One of their best-selling tea products comes from Assam, India. Organic Assam TGFOP Black Tea is described as a complex, textured black Assam tea that is notably smooth and sweet. It is a highly caffeinated tea that customers have described as “having a kick” and “with a mellow flavor”.

The go-to choice for tea that is naturally decaffeinated is Organic Very Berry Citrus Herbal Tea. With a long list of natural and organic ingredients, this tea offers notable herbal, sweet, berry flavors.

Certifications And Allegiances

Fresh Roasted Coffee, LLC has thrived, due to their commitment to providing only high quality and organic products. They pride themselves in remaining Fair Trade Certified, which ensures that the farmers are treated fairly and are provided with basic human needs, like healthcare and housing, in order to promote socio-economic growth.

They are also Rain Forest Alliance Certified, which ensures that farming practices are organized in a certain way that doesn’t threaten the environment by endangering rainforests, wildlife, and waterways.

This program also helps support the rural farmers by providing programs that promote education to farmers and their families.

Fresh Roasted Coffee is also committed to the community in which they serve in Selinsgrove, PA. With the constant growth, they will be able to provide jobs in different fields within the business, from coffee roasting to retail, customer service, and marketing.

These values will contribute to their constant growth, which in return will allow them to provide their customer with the very best in organic specialty coffee.