Green Sage Cafe – Asheville NC

Green Sage Cafe

In 2008, Randy Talley began accomplishing his goals in opening his ideal type of cafe by doing just that. He is the owner and founder of Green Sage Cafe, a restaurant and coffee shop in Asheville, North Carolina that is utmost dedicated to providing healthy, natural, environmentally-friendly and green food and beverages.

Truly, this is a cafe that is all-in on their ethical health goals, and in return, they have been adopted in a widespread welcome enough to have opened four separate locations so far.  PS if you’re in Denver, give Pinwheel Coffee in Denver a shot! (Pun intended!!!)

There are 4 Key Components

The Green Sage mission involves four key components, those being pure food, pure water, pure coffee, and pure green. The first of these is initially achieved through directly sourcing all of their ingredients from farmers. The practices of these farmers are what attracts Green Sage to them, with everything being natural and humane.

Everything They Serve is Pure & Natural

The salmon is wild-caught in Alaska, the cows that supply meat and milk are grass-fed and humanely treated. No vegetables are ever touched by preservatives or chemicals of any sort. This all-natural ethos with their ingredients extends to the cook-ware used to make them into meals, with the assurance that all tools are free of Teflon and perfluoroalkyls. 

Even the Water is at it’s Purest Form

One often overlooked component of both food and beverages is water, but not even that has gone ignored by Green Sage. The second part of their mission is pure water, which they achieve by filtering it to such an extent that it is devoid of chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, volatile organic compounds, and even fluoride.

The Coffee is Sustainably Harvested

Green Sage sells this commodity as part of their menu, but also in bottled form to be taken home.  As for the third component of their mission, pure coffee, Green Sage works with Larry’s Coffee.

Much like the farmers Green Sage gets their food ingredients from, Larry’s sources coffee beans directly from farmers that they guarantee provide shade-grown, sustainable harvested products.

The First Ashville Store To Go Solar!

The fourth mission component is pure green, and this works its way into the business as a whole. Green Sage was the first downtown Asheville store to use solar power, and these days, they use that in conjunction with wind power to have rid of all coal-based electricity needs.

Just about every product they make, and the containers they come in, are compostable and recyclable. To promote this, ten cents are donated to the Asheville GreenWorks charity for every cup returned to them and every reusable cup used.  With all of this in mind, Green Sage’s menu is staggering.

The Specialty Drinks Are Delicious and Unique

They offer bowls, soups, salads, and sandwiches of breakfast and mid-day assortments, with plenty vegetarian and vegan options. The coffee menu consists of typical lattes, mochas, americanos, and the like, but also a unique beverage known as the Buttercup, which is drip coffee with grass-fed butter and coconut oil.

They Offer Vegetarian & Vegan Options

The beverages go far beyond coffee, however, including matcha and chai lattes, but more substantially, a wealth of smoothies, vegan milkshakes, and fresh-pressed juices. The latter option is their latest addition, and Green Sage Cafe is always looking to evolve and innovate to the benefit of the environment.


5 Broadway St, 633 Merrimon Ave STE A, 1800 Henersonville Rd, or 70 Westgate Pky, Asheville, North Carolina.